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2007 Dodge Nitro | Claresholm, AB

Hey guys, Seth here from Legacy Dodge in Claresholm. Coming out here, there’s a blizzard here. Take a look at this 2007 Dodge Nitro. Just came in. Stock no. L-0077. Under the hood of this Nitro, we have a 3.7 liter, V6 engine. Gives you a good amount of fuel economy. You also get a good amount of horsepower with this unit as well. So it’s good for towing small trailers and things like that. You’ll get decent fuel mileage on the highway also.

So the cargo area in the back here, lots of space in the Dodge Nitro. You have plenty of room for anything you need to carry back here.

You get your power outlet back here if you need it. This also comes off for a little bit of extra storage space under here. So overall the back area of this unit is very spacious. Hardly a dent or scratch on this thing. Back seats. You got your power window. A ton of room back here. 115V/150W outlet here for charging cell phones, or anything like that. Almost perfect.

You got two cup holders back here. These back seats do fold flat. Just got to pull this lever and they’ll come right down. If you do need the extra cargo space, you’re going to have extra passengers, that’s perfect. On the driver side here, here’s where you’ll find your power windows, power locks, power mirrors.

Stepping inside Low K on this one, only 96,757. And you can also click this button and get your trip information, trip A, trip B. And you have a compass, and outside temperature reader there as well.

Coming back here, very nice steering wheel. Cruise Control, of course. The entire interior is beige tan colour. Looks nice. Not your usual black. You got a radio here with CD player. AM radio, FM radio. Auxiliary cord for your iPod, iPhone, or mp3 player. And that’s your AC. Here’s your gear selector. 2-wheel drive, or 4-wheel drive lock for sticky situations. Center console. One tray here, another one comes out. Lot of space down there. You got your glove box over here. Lots of space again. Good amount of storage options. Outlet here. Overall, this interior is very well equipped. Perfect for a family or someone who likes the outdoors.

You got lots of space in the back. And a 3.7L V6 is awesome for fuel economy, and power as well. No shortage. Awesome features in this Dodge Nitro. If you guys want to take a look at this Dodge Nitro, give us a call here at Legacy Dodge in Claresholm, 403-625-4555, or toll-free, 1877-625-4555. It’s a very nice, very clean 2007 Dodge Nitro. Stock no L-0077. We have it listed for $11,995.



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