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2011 Dodge Charger For Sale | Claresholm, AB

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Hi I’m John at Legacy Dodge here in Claresholm. I’m here to show you this 2011 Dodge Charger. It’s unit number is L0013. It has 114,731 for kilometres on it.

Under the hood we have a 3.6 liter v6 in here is the award-winning pentastar engine. It’s made it up with a 5-speed automatic transmission. There is very good fuel economy in this engine. this unit has passive entry, you leave the keys in your pocket put your hand on the door handle and unlocks for you when you’re getting out you’re still in your keys in your pocket there just to push the button here and it locks it again. Teamed up with this passive entry and it has a push-button start matter put your foot on the brake and pushing the button and it starts off still leaving the keys in your pocket now this unit is equipped with the automatic headlights as you can see here and also has a button to reopen your trunk at the back here it has the the information system which take a look at in a minute here on your steering wheel plus the cruise controls on the steering wheel this has a power seat  on the driver’s side with front bucket seats.

moving to the inside of the vehicle along with that passive entry system it has a push-button start just by putting your foot on the brake and pushing the unit to start and it’s in the run position this unit has an information systems right in front of you that you navigate through on the steering wheel here you can get into vehicle speed by just doing that and you have the option of miles per hour, kilometers by just pushing an arrow button of course and then you can get back out of there drop to trip information and you can go into that now you get it’s got your tire pressure in there  you go into that to check the prior pressure and out of there we go to vehicle information and it’s got in there the cooling temperature it’s got the oil temp in their oil pressure in their transmission temperature in there and it’s also got engine hours in there and you back out of there you can drop down if this needs an oil change it will leave a message center there you can jump in there and it will tell you what the message is or you can turn off the menu if you wish there’s also fuel mileage fuel economy you can pop in there and see what kind of fuel monitor getting out of this engine at this particular time on the back of the steering wheel.


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we have audio controls for the radio it also has climate control here individual for driver and passengers you can see it has a 12volt power outlet here and it has illuminated cup holders which can be covered up when they’re not in use and in the center console area we have a USB port and auxiliary port and then another 12 volt outlet to hook up any of your phones or audio ipods and stuff when you’re driving down the road

this unit has obviously seating for five here quite roomy if you do need to haul long stuff pull this back pull down here on the back seat the inside-outside ok the trunk is very large trunk in this thing just before we get into the trunk you can see this race track lighting setup on here which illuminates up very nicely at night looks pretty sharp as far as the entry the trunk there is a push button in the cabin of this unit plus on the key fob can release the trunk also and as you can see it’s a very large trunk and underneath inside here for weight on this rear-wheel-drive we have in the back the spare tire in the back it’s set up so it’s kind of a 55/45 split in weight distribution on this unit so it gives us pretty good traction in the winter and be very easy access to the battery in the spare tire

This 2011 Dodge Charger is very well priced at  $15,492 which includes fees plus tax If you want to test drive this unit please come see me or give me a call at Legacy Dodge in Claresholm 4036254555 toll free is 18776254555   or you can email me at John@legacydodgeclaresholm.ca.

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Legacy Dodge Claresholm



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