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2012 Dodge Grand Caravan Crew | 3.6L V6 | Stow N’ Go | Claresholm, AB

Hi, I’m John here at Legacy Dodge ClaresholmI’m here to show you this 2012 Grand Caravan Crew. It only has 116,161 kilometers. A very nice Silver color. This unit, under the hood, has a 3.6 liter V6, mated up with a 6-speed automatic.

It has Stow ‘n Go, and the second and third rows which we’ll show you right now. Seating, of course when the seats are up, this is a 7-passenger vehicle. When the seats are up, we have a very nice storage in the back here for groceries or whatever you’re hauling, your luggage, whatever is here. To knock these seats down, if you don’t need the 7-passenger seating, it’s a matter of the one, two, three, and a pull back here, and they’re in the floor. The same on the other side here, just a matter of one, two, three, so follow the numbering and there we go, right into the floor. Very easy to do, now you’ve got lots of room back here. Again, for lots of luggage, or volume for hauling cargo, or whatever you like.

The other things, back here, basically are your jackets, stored on this side here. Moving to the second row, very similar situation, the only thing we have to do here is remove the floor mat, of course, move it over here, and open up the area in the back here. As you can see, with the seats up, you’ve got a ton of space to throw stuff into also here, that could be stored underneath the seat with these seats, or up, but to stow them, just a matter of one flip up the handle here, and they go right into the floor. Bringing the seats back up again, it’s just a matter grabbing the handle once the lid’s opened up. Whip that up like so, like this, put your headrest back up and we got the seat back up. Open that up and you return the floor mat, of course, to the back here.

One thing that has to be done when you stow and go these seats is move your passenger and driver seat fully ahead. Mentioning on this side here, this particular unit has a power seat on the driver’s side with a power lumbar.

This unit has power vent windows in the back. You can open up the back vent windows. It also has power windows inside the sliding doors, and one touch auto, up and down. And of course, your power mirrors here.

Now we’ll move to the inside. This unit has your information center right in there. In the center here, you’ve got fuel economy in there, you’ve got vehicle speed, and that speed can be switched to miles per hour very easily. You’ve got your trip information, you got your motor information. You’ve got message, it’s going to tell you when it’s ready for an oil change, or anything else that comes up. And of course you can change the units from metric to US measurements if you wish.

There’s a setup screen here where you can auto lock doors, you can go through it, personalize this quite nicely. It has audio controls on the back of the steering wheel. As you can see, the shifter on these 2011s has moved up here, rather than a column shifter, so you’re up here with that 6-speed automatic.

Storage area in this one, this has got a very nice storage area here. At the front one we’ve got two power outlets, one’s powered off the battery, and one’s powered off the key. Then you’ve got another back storage area here for a little bit of storage. For people in the back, we have access here for storage area, plus cup holders to go to the back, and the cup holders here. So a nice little area here, plus the storage down below in this flow through compartment.

This one has double glove boxes, as you can well see, and a lot of storage areas between the Stow ‘n Go. And the storage areas in the center console, there’s lots of room here. It has dual Heat ‘n Air, that you control right here, for the passenger and the driver. It has AM/FM radio, as you can see here. You have a CD player in the in the top here. AM/FM radio is accessed here. All things in here [inaudible].

This unit has a little bit of a– You’ve got a conversation mirror here, you can keep an eye on the kids in the back, or when you’re talking to somebody in the back, you can take a look and see what they’re saying, so that’s another neat little feature. It also doubles up as a sunglass holder. 

You want to come see, test drive, or view this particular unit, you can give us a call at 1877-625-4555 which is toll-free, of course. Locally, you can call us at 403-625-4555. This unit is very well priced at $11,995. Once again, the unit number is D-0356 on this very nice 2012 Grand Caravan Crew in Silver.

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Legacy Dodge Claresholm



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