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2013 Harley Davidson Street Glide Spring Sale | Claresholm, AB

Legacy Dodge Claresholm, introducing this 2013 Harley Davidson Street Glide, beautiful machine we acquired on a trade, it is now for sale for you to enjoy and hopefully before Father’s Day, because it’s going to go quick. Accessories are a ton.

This 2013 Harley Davidson Street Glide has over $8,000 of accessories. A stage 1 kit, Chrome wind deflectors on forks, tinted fairing, wind deflectors, highway pegs, passenger footboards, matching handle bar grips, tinted signals, LED taillight, 2 windshields, Chrome flamed engine cover, detachable back seat, luggage rack, lid organizers and saddle baggers, leather covers for saddle bag, lids, smoke (inaudible) option, brass aluminum (inaudible) inserts, windshield bag, Chrome front axle covers, Chrome HD shift linkage, nothing missing on this vehicle. We’re selling this for $24,995. On sale, right now for $22,995, a Father’s Day gift, something special for you and your missus to go for a cruise on.

This thing is exciting to look at, it is a joy to ride, come down to Legacy Dodge Claresholm to view this beautiful Harley Davidson Street Glide motorcycle. I want to show you a panorama of the vehicle to give you a really good look at it again because it deserves a second look. This is a beautifully engineered machine from Harley Davidson. They did it right and they did it right the first time.

Come down to Legacy Dodge in Claresholm for a real close look. I know, I don’t have the right jacket for it but I’m telling you right now, it’s exciting just to sit on and it deserve a little bit of a moment to just concentrating on the glorious beauty of the Chrome and all the different accessories, it fits real nice. It’s right at the street level that I like. It’s a beautiful beautiful bike, I tell you, if I make probation, I might buy it myself.

Sales Team
Legacy Dodge Claresholm



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