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2014 Dodge Journey | R/T Trim | Claresholm, AB

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Hi! I am John here from Legacy Dodge Claresholm. I am here to show you this beautiful 2014 Dodge Journey R/T. It’s in bright silver, Unit number is D0292A. Going under the hood here, i’d like to show you this it has a 3.6 litre V6 engine with a six-speed automatic. This engine is one of Ward’s 10 best engines. It’s won this award three times in a row so it’s a very good fuel economy and very nice horsepower.

I like to show you some of the features on this unit. It has what they call passive entry. You leave the keys in your pocket. You can put your hand in the door and it automatically unlocks as long as the proximity of the keys is close enough. Also when you get out of the vehicle you can just push this button right here and it will lock the unit. This unit also has a remote start on this particular vehicle so you can remote start it in the wintertime when it’s cold. It has the automatic headlights, just put the setting to automatically and they automatically come up at night. This unit has a tilt telescopic steering on it also can pull it in and out so they get the right position for your steering wheel and quite easily lock it up. On the back of the steering wheel you have your audio controls for your radio so you can control the radio right from here once it’s turned on. We also have one on the steering wheel here. It has UConnect for your cell phone if you are Bluetooth equipped. Somebody calls you just push a button and start talking. It also has on here an Information Center which you can peruse through here on the dash. It has something like the fuel economy is in there, vehicle speed is in there you can select it. Trip information, tire KPA, vehicle information meaning the motor information and any messages that may come up for oil change and such ai in this controls.

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Moving to the center here, this particular unit has a backup camera as you can see and those grid lines will move backwards and forwards. It has both the dual controls on this touch screen for your climate which you can also control from down below here. It has your radio AM/FM and it is Sirius satellite equipped. This unit also has a navigation feature on it, you go to this and you can view a full map view. Put addresses in so you can find places in the big city and it has another feature that says take me home if you’ve got your home programmed in there you can hit take me home it will take you back out to where you want to go. It also has capability of adding phones to it up to six of the units and there is a also setting on here special settings you can set it up to personalize it for yourself as you can see we have a conversation mirror so you can talk to people in the back and then you can also program your garage door opener right into the unit and you don’t have to have your little transmitter long open your garage door.

This R/T model has full leather seats as you can see. They will fold right flat for bigger storage areas. In the back they are also adjustable forwards and backwards. It does have some nice storage features on both sides of passenger & the driver’s side and the rear compartment it has a removable tray in there so you can wash it and clean it put ice in there refreshments and sandwiches and it’ll stay cool just like a little cooler. Also this has a 110 volt outlet, 150 watts in the back here and also it has a 12-volt outlet that runs off the battery so if you have 12 volt adapter of some kind for charging you can use that for your phone. This unit is a hatchback of course. If you get into the back here, it is a five passenger in this case but it’s got some very nice storage features back here also as you can see there’s a nice storage underneath the rear floor. This one has a cargo cover so you can cover some up in the back when you’re in the city and it is out of sight out of mind.  That also can come out if it’s in the way type thing its telescopic. There’s another 12 volt outlet back here that runs off the key. This particular unit comes with a very nice feature as a rechargeable flashlight that’s charged all the time in the back here in case you ever needed in the emergency.

This beautiful 2014 Dodge Journey R/T 2 has 48,180 kilometres on it so it’s very low kilometres. It has been fully inspected and is road-ready. We will very well priced on this unit at $24,492 which includes fees. If you want us test drive this unit or review this unit, certainly give me a call; toll free (877) 654-4555 or locally you can phone at (403) 625-4555 or you can email me at john@legacydodgeclaresholm.ca for vehicle test drive.

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