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2015 Chrysler 200 | Limited Trim | Claresholm, AB

Hey, everyone, it’s Seth here from Legacy Dodge in Claresholm. Today we’re going to be checking out this brand new 2015 Chrysler 200 Limited.

As you can see, this Limited has a very nice chrome trim along the front. You have your LED driving lights that are on while the vehicle is running, as well as these very nice fog lights at the bottom.

Coming along to the side of the vehicle, you have a nice chrome trim along the windows, and this vehicle is equipped with passive entry. As long as the key is in your pocket, you simply put your hand on the door, and the vehicle will unlock and now to close the door, if the key’s in your pocket, you just press this button here, and the vehicle will lock.

Coming over to the back of the trunk area, this feature applies to the trunk as well, so as long as the key is in your pocket, the trunk will unlock with the push of a button. Under the hood of this Chrysler 200, we have the Pentastar 3.6-liter V6 engine paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission. This engine is rated for a fuel economy rating as good as 38 miles per gallon on the highway, so you don’t have to sacrifice your fuel economy, and you’ll still get a good amount of power on that 9-speed automatic transmission is very, very smooth on the highway especially, you’ll notice. A couple of other things to note on the key fob here, you have your unlock and lock button, power trunk button, two presses of that and the trunk will open, and we also have remote start on this unit. Taking a look inside here, you have power locks, power windows, child safety locks and adjustable power mirrors as well.

This driver’s seat is power-adjustable with lumbar adjustment, a very nice cloth seating in these units and these seats are heated as well. Okay, sitting inside here, this unit does have push button start, so as long as the key is in the vehicle, put your foot on the brake, press the start button and the vehicle fires right up. The first thing you’ll notice here, nice gauges in this vehicle. They’re lit blue, and they look really nice. You have your digital meters for your fuel and your engine temperature there. And you can also go through here and change up what you’re seeing on the center screen. You have Vehicle Info, Tire pressure, Coolant Temperature, Transmission Temperature, Oil Temperature, Oil Life so this will let you know when it’s time for an oil change in the vehicle, and Battery Voltage; some good features to have there. And here you have your Fuel Economy screen. You can see your average fuel economy and also what you’re getting as you’re driving down the road. You also have your Trip Information and Audio Information, and then Messages, so if the vehicle has any messages for you regarding servicing or anything like that, they’ll come up here, and then Screen Setup where you can kind of go in and customize the screen a little bit to how you like to see it. So coming back here you have a leather-wrapped steering wheel, really nice nine and three grips on these steering wheels. You have the Paddle Shifters in the back if you’d like to shift manually, up or down. You have controls for your screen here, as well as Bluetooth Controls and Cruise Controls here. And now Audio Controls are on the back of the steering wheel as well. So overall, a really nice steering wheel. And it is tilt and telescopic also so you can kind of get it in the perfect position for your kind of height.

Over here you have your automatic headlights. Just flip this into Auto Mode, and you kind of forget it just like that. They’ll turn on at night and turn off when you don’t need them. Coming over to the center screen here, this is the 8.4-inch touch screen, a very big touch screen, Sirius satellite radio equipped, as you can see. You also have, of course, your AM and FM radio. Now we can go through here and check out some other features. You have your media screen for your USB and Auxiliary, as well as Bluetooth. You can play music through Bluetooth on this one as well. Controls for your heated seats and heated steering wheel also, which is great for winter. It keeps your hands nice and warm when it gets chilly outside there. You have your Mirror Dimmer. Over here you have your Climate Screen. Dual zone climate, so different temperatures for both passenger and driver. You can adjust it how you like. Of course, you have your AC button up here and recirculator. Coming over here, this is your phone screen. You can pair your phone and make calls right from here, and you answer and do lots of things with your phone just right through this screen. Then you have a setting screen where you can change some settings. The Display, there’s different themes you can kind of put for how you’d like the display to look.

Okay, coming down here, have some more controls, volume and tune. You have your traction control Turn that on and it will kind of keep you from understeer or oversteer if you’re slipping out on the road, so it kind of try to keep you safe in that way. Another way to control the climate down here, you could adjust for passenger and driver. Then you have your Shifter here. It is a really cool little dial. Put your foot on the brake, and you can shift it into Drive Mode, and there’s also a Sport Mode in this unit, which lets you shift manually with those paddle shifters that I’ve mentioned before. And this is your Parking Brake in this vehicle. It’s electronic, so just press the button, and the parking brake will come on and pull it down, and you can shut it off just like that. Over here you have your cup holders, and there’s a little switch here, you can pull it to open up a nice amount of storage space underneath the cup holders. And that’s where you’ll find the USB, Auxiliary Jack and also a 12-volt power outlet. It’s a really great feature to have kind of extra storage out of sight, you know, you can store a lot of extra stuff in there Now, coming back here, you have your leather-wrapped center console, some nice stitching and, again, a good deep amount of storage space back there.

Back seats in the 200, very spacious, very easy for me to fit in here; I’m about 6 feet. I have plenty of headroom, plenty of legroom. Coming back here, you do have the vents for the rear heat and air, kind of control them right here. You do have a power window back here and your locks, of course. So, yeah, not a bad back seat at all here. And now, I did mention before, these seats will fold down, pull this lever, and they’ll fold flat, just like that, so if you do need the extra space, like I mentioned previously, it’s kind of a perfect feature for that.

If you’d like to take a look at this vehicle here, you can give us a call at Legacy Dodge Claresholm (403) 625-4555 or toll-free (877) 625-4555. Take this beautiful 2015 Chrysler 200 Limited for a test drive.

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Legacy Dodge Claresholm



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