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2015 Jeep Cherokee | North Trim | Claresholm, AB

Hi, I’m John here at Legacy Dodge in Claresholm. I want to show you this 2015 Jeep Cherokee North Edition today. It’s got 18,964 kilometres on it. It has a 3.2-Liter V6 in it with a 9-speed automatic transmission.

Okay, this unit got aluminium wheels on it as you can see. And it has a Power Lift Gate on it also. You can see that it has a very nice storage area here in the back as you can see right here. And the spare tire is kept up inside here. And the jack and everything is right below here.

Okay, in the back of this thing, in case you have some long stuff, you can also fold these seats right flat on both sides. As you can see, that gives us lots of room for hauling cargo and stuff and stuff that’s long.  It has a 40/60 split bench seat in the back here. It has 115-volt power outlet down in the bottom here and plus vents for heat and air going to the rear seat. This unit has passive entry. The keys remain in your pocket, put your hand on the lock, and they’re unlocked. Also, the liftgate also has passive entry. You don’t have to take the keys out for it also. It’s just a matter of pushing the button down underneath the latch of the hatch here, and you have yourself a power lift.  Here we have power mirrors on this and power locks. Also, we have power windows both up and down, automatic headlights on this particular unit. You can also open the back hatch with the button here on the dash.  And it has a power seat on the driver’s side. Along with our passive entry, this also has a push button start. It’s just a matter of putting your foot on the brake and pushing the button, and the unit is running.  As you can see here, we have an information system on the steering wheel that’s very easy to navigate through this system by moving your arrows up and down. It gives you speedometer. You can set your screen up in the four corners what you should like. It also has a stored message centre here. It has ambient oil change. It will tell you when it’s ready for an oil change. You have an audio screen in there.

This particular unit has what they call Stop-Start. If you’re in heavy traffic, driving and stopping and starting the engine will shut right down and still give you power and as soon as you take your foot off the brake, it instantly starts and away you go. You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. There’s a button here in the centre stack that you can push to turn it off. Of course, we have a regular trip information, fuel economy gauge on this information centre here. Then we’re back to the information on the vehicle itself as far as coolant transmission temperature, oil temp, oil life is in there, plus battery voltage, and we’re back to tire pressures, of course. Also, on this particular unit, you have the audio controls on the steering wheel that are on the back. You can control your radio, turn it up and down, of course, as you can hear. And you can also switch from AM to FM to satellite here on this particular screen.  On the other side, of course, is a Seek button that you can seek a channel if you wish, up or down. And you can also go through your presets with this particular unit. This control is very handy on the steering wheel.  As you’ll notice here, this particular unit has a Uconnect for your cell phone. You can access it when somebody phones you via right here on the steering wheel, or you can go to the touch screen to access it also.  Moving to this unit here, this one happens to have the navigation on it. It’s an 8.4 touch Uconnect Infotainment system, and you can have the navigation, you can have it on the part screen, or you can have it the full map size up here.

This I already mentioned before, it has Sirius Satellite Radio. It also has a Media Center which you can see down here, or you can use a USB memory stick, or you can plug some audio controls, and it will run through the auxiliary or an SD card if you have music loaded, it can be loaded there. And it’s convenient here; we also have a 12-volt power outlet that runs off the key.  Moving back to the 8.4 touch unit, you can go directly from Settings on this control page, and you can set up these all in your personal settings. It has a climate page which is dual for the passenger and the driver; you can set it up as such.  Of course, we’ve seen the Nav. This is where you put your cell phones in this particular one right here as you can see, that’s what it looks like.  And, of course, the other thing here is a Setting screen where you can set up those personal settings; the heat and air system, of course. You can see all the way across the front. It’s a very good-looking system.  Okay, here you can also control your heat and air right in this system here. Of course, you control your audio for your radio and stuff also up here rather than your touch screen.

This has a 9-speed automatic as I mentioned before, as you can see here. It also has Select Terrain. It’s in an Auto Mode at all times. Whenever it needs to send power to the rear wheels, it will automatically do that without input from yourself. If you get in deep snow or you’re in sand and mud, you can dial this particular Select Terrain to those Snow or Mud or Sport, and it will change the shift patterns in the transmission to accommodate the different terrains you are in.

It also, as you can see, it has an Electronic E-Brake, not the old hand brake that pulls up here. It’s just a matter of pushing that down, and you got your E-brake going. Moving back a little bit further here, you’ll see we have a nice storage area back here, but also, in there, there is a 12-volt power outlet that runs off the battery and a USB port here that you can plug and charge your cell phone in. Moving up to the top here, we have a universal garage door opener so you can program the garage door opener right into this unit here and you don’t have to have your little hand transmitter with it. It will accommodate up to three garage door and open it.  Also, we have a place for your sunglasses up here, plus, of course, your map lights can be turned on here and here. And we have an Auto Dim rear view mirror there also. It will automatically dim when somebody comes up behind you.

The unit number on this particular unit is T0111A. It’s very well priced. It’s only $27,995.00 and if you want to see this unit or come and test drive it, certainly, give us a call here at Legacy Dodge in Claresholm at 1(877) 625-4555 or locally (403) 625-4555.

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