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2015 Jeep Renegade North | Claresholm, AB

Hi, I’m John here from Legacy Dodge Claresholm. I’m here to show this 2015 Jeep Renegade North. It’s a 2 wheel drive 4×2 in the white colour. The unit number is T0015.

As you can see this unit is a brand new vehicle, it has the passive entry. You just have the keys in your pocket and put your hand in the handle will unlock. It is a four-door version of course as you can see. Moving around to the back, it’s got the passive entry on the back right up underneath here. Nice amount of room in this particular unit. These seats will also fold flat as you can see, so you’ve got lots of cargo space with the seats folded flat or even with the seats up. We have the spare tire now up inside here underneath, and there is little storage in this back area here too.

Audio controls on the back of the steering wheel. For this one, it also has the automatic headlights. We’ll move to the inside and go through some of the features and show them to you.

I mentioned it had this keyless enter and all you do is put your foot on the brake with the keys in your pocket, and you can start the engine up. It has an information centre in the center here, gives you your tire pressures, there’s a speedometer digitally if you wish and you can set up the screen inside this dash here the way you want. It has a message centre that tells you whether it’s got a low tire or not and it’s got an audio centre you can go into and then, of course, your trip odometers and such are in there. Then the vehicle information you can scroll through there and take a look at all your vehicle engine information is right in there.

Moving to the centre here, we have a radio that has Sirius satellite radio, the one full year from this point forward. It also has Uconnect for your cell phone which you can access it through the steering wheel. This is your backup camera, a very nice clear picture in that backup camera when you’ve got it in reverse. Another feature on this I should mention has electronic e-brake which is down here. You can see it right down here just a matter of pulling up the bar, and you got your e-brake on.

Has dual controls for heat and air for the passenger and driver also very well laid out as far as the instrumentation and the dash as you can see it looks pretty good.

In the second row, we’ve got two comfortable seating for two back here, of course, the big feature back here. We’ve got 115-volt outlet that will run up to a 150-watt unit. You can use your laptop or whatever in this particular unit.

It has a 2.4L Multi-air teamed up with a nine-speed automatic transmission. A very nice little power plant for the size of the vehicle. Very smooth transmission.

A few other features on this thing is called all-weather group which gives you heated front seats and heated steering wheel and a windshield de-icer. It has a security group and safety which is a security alarm with blind spot monitoring. It has aluminium wheels. It also comes with a remote start and a backup camera. Now moving inside here we’ll take a look at the features of the interior.

This particular unit has a power seat on the driver’s side. As you can see there, it has the automatic headlights.

This is unit number T0015, we’ve got it on a clearance special for $28,762. If you want to come and take a look at this unit, give us a call at 1 (877) 625-4555 or you can call us locally (403) 625-4555.

Sales Team
Legacy Dodge Claresholm



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