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2017 Chrysler 300S | Sleek Lines, Sleek Performance!

Gary Cooper, Legacy Dodge Claresholm. Introducing the 2017 Chrysler 300S all-wheel-drive Chrysler. So just to start off with some of the many features; Keyless entry. As long as the keys in your pocket, you just touch it, and the doors open. Some of the features, as you can see, it’s a Sports model, with the leather interior.

It’s a beautiful console. Very adaptive steering wheel with a leather wrap around heated steering wheel. Lots of features involved. We’re going to sit in the console here and show you some of them in just a second.

300S Sport model. Sitting at the console, sitting in the cockpit right now. It’s absolutely wonderful. So comfortable.

I’m not a tech guy to know all the different mechanical points about this vehicle, but I’m telling you, you look at it, and it’s completely user-friendly. With everything on the steering wheel and also on the dash of the console here.

Adaptive Cruise Control, with Lane Assist. We got the climate control panel here. We’ll go into that and show you few more features. Let me hit the touchpad console here. We’ve got the radio, we’ve got the media with all your different connect drives that you can get. You get USB, your auxiliaries. You get into climate. You can have your heated seats adjustable for individual comfort zones.

In this control panel here, we can have a rear sunshade and your rear dimmer. All your settings, you can change here and display, whether in the US, metric, custom.

Voice command. Clock and radio, you can change. And your navigation system. So you get ‘Where to?’, Where you want to go to. Your home, and work settings. Also, you can hook up your phone, so you have your hands free when you’re driving. This is such a beautiful vehicle.

Four adults, easy capacity. Huge back seats. Heated, for individual comfort zones. Sun roof is absolutely stunning. The interior in this is just so expansive. It’s luxurious. It’s really well made. I must admit, the engineers did a fantastic job of assembling this vehicle.

Another awesome feature is the keyless entry into the trunk. As you can see, lots of space. Split seat in the back. Your spare and your battery. The toolkit is there. Speakers in the back as well.

It’s a powered 4-wheel drive. 3.6-liter VVT engine, it’s got 300 Horsepower. Good to go. All you need, touring, driving, inter-city, highways. You look at the sight lines. It’s absolutely beautiful.

You need a test drive today at Legacy Dodge in Claresholm. My name is Gary Cooper. You can contact me at 403-554-1714. Toll-free at 1877-625-4555. Buy this car; we’ll have a beer across.

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Legacy Dodge Claresholm



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