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2017 Chrysler Pacifica | Claresholm, AB

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Hi, I’m Seth from Legacy Dodge Claresholm. I’m here to show you today the brand new totally redesigned 2017 Chrysler Pacifica. The Pacifica has a very beautiful modern design.

A really awesome feature about the Pacifica is the keyless entry. The door is locked right now; I put my hand on the door automatically unlocks, just the push of a button I can lock the car again. The rear doors have the same awesome feature one-touch open and push the button with the key in your pocket, and the doors will open automatically come along to the rear of the vehicle its got a one-touch power liftgate.  One press of the button and the liftgate opens right up. There’s a button inside here to close it up as well, so Chrysler has totally redesigned the Stow ‘N Go system in the Pacifica. It’s easier than ever to use now just one lever there one lever here and the seats fold right flat super simple and there is also Stow n Go features in the second row here there’s a button right here on the A-pillar it’s going to bring up the passenger seat for you so you don’t have to do that manually and then it’s just as easy as lifting this up folds down flat and then it opens up a huge amount of space in the back for storage and anything that you might need that for so really awesome feature there.

The first thing you notice stepping inside the Pacifica just how high-end the materials are. Nice leather accents here with brown leather stitching and a nice high-quality leather seats with the brown stitching also this unit does have power windows power locks power folding mirrors and a power adjustable driver and passenger seat the driver’s seat has the lumbar adjustment as well.

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Sitting in the driver’s seat here you have your automatic headlights then you have this big information display right here in the gauge cluster. You can get a lot of information here you got your speedometer vehicle information, oil pressure, oil temperature, transmission temperature, coolant temperature and tire pressure. A lot of information on the vehicle and then you get your instant fuel economy trip information and your audio information as well so lots of useful features. Coming up here you have the nice leather wrapped steering wheel that’s got the brown stitching also controls for the driver information display right here controls for your cell phone for Bluetooth right here, and your cruise controls are right here so everything’s you know well within us. Behind the steering wheel, you also have volume and radio controls moving over to the center you have nice high definition 8.4″ touchscreen. You have your AM/FM radio, XM satellite radio comes with a subscription, go to media, and you can do your USB auxiliary Bluetooth. This controls your phone, heated seats and heated steering wheel. These apps are where you can get all that other stuff to get your settings here and customize the display to your liking.  This unit does have the full navigation system as you can see it’s smooth like the touchscreen is responsive well done and then moving down here we have lots of storage down here huge amount of storage space. This is where you have your Bluetooth and auxiliary plugs, you’ve got the blu-ray player down here for DVDs in the back also another extra little storage bin down here with a coin holder, cup holders and some more storage down here,  lots of storage space in this unit.  You also have some controls up here for opening the rear doors, as you can see you. A push of a button will open the rear doors. You can open and close the rear tailgate just like that. Stepping into the rear seats of the Pacifica very spacious back here really awesome features. Entertainment displays on both sides allow you to access music here apps, blu-ray player, two HDMI port, a USB port and a headphone jack on both sides. Rear climate control is controlled up here for the back passengers and each third row a passenger has a USB jack on either side.

If you’re interested in coming in and taking a look at this 2017 Pacifica, you can call me Seth at Legacy Dodge Claresholm 1-403-625-4555 or you can reach me on my cell at 1-403-625-0273 come in and take a look at this awesome 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

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