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2017 Dodge Challenger R/T Shaker | Claresholm, AB

Hi, I’m John here from Legacy Dodge Claresholm. Here we show you this 2017 Dodge Challenger R/T Shaker series.

The Shaker series, of course, comes from the Dodge lineup. Cold air intake, a functional cold air intake. This particular unit has a 5.7 liter Hemi in it with an 8-speed automatic which puts out 372 Horse. The Shaker’s [theme line] of course, is with the black wheels here, the black striping as you can see on the hood. The colour of this particular unit is called Jazz Blue.

As we’re moving to the back here, we have as part of that Shaker package around the rear here. And of course, we got the distinct Challenger rear on this thing with the lights and the stuff on it here. And the fuel lid is in that black matte colour too.

Some of the features on this particular unit. It has the technology series which is rain sensitive wipers, auto high beams, head lamp controls. It has a Ford Collision Warning and Adaptive Cruise Control. It has a Driver Convenience Group which gives you high-intensity discharge head lamps. It has blind spot, and cross path. It also has remote start on this unit.

It has a very premium sound package which is, Harman Kardon Greenedge amp in it. It has premium 18 speaker package.

It has high-performance brakes. When you start this thing up, it is very deep and [throaty]. It has UConnect system, with navigation. That features Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto in this one. It has an integrated centre stack radio.

These wheels are 20″x9″. We’ll show you that Shaker engine. As you can see there’s cold air intake here, significantly called the Shaker, put on this thing, with that deep impact rumble.

Like I said before, this is mated up with an 8-speed automatic. Your fuel mileage is decent on this unit. Also, with the Performance Package– I’ll show you the pages when we get inside here.

Moving to the back of the vehicle we have a backup camera. Plus, it’s got the backup assist sensors across the bumper. In the trunk surprisingly, large trunk for this type of vehicle. The way it’s set up, particularly here we have your Harman Kardon sound system in the back here to give it extra weight.

As you can see, it does not have a spare, but it has the spare tire kit where you can pressurize it and put the [gunk] in and pressurize up to get you back in. Also, has the batteries in the rear. Designed to give it better weight distribution as this is rear wheel drive car.

This does show on the 2017 Shaker. It has a Passive entry in this particular one. Keys in your pocket, just put your hand on the door handle, and it unlocks. If you did get out with the keys still in your pocket, you can lock it at this particular point. This also has the push button start. When we get inside, we’ll go through that.

While we are right here this has special Canterra seats on it with the suede perforated to let your heat and air through here. On this 2017 R/T Shaker you’ll notice, on the center stack, there is some performance features on this particular one. Of course, we got the speedometer there. You got a setup screen where you can set what you want in the middle of that stack there. You got an audio screen where you can adjust the audio, and it tells you what’s going on. The trip, of course, fuel economy is there.

Driver Assist, this is an adaptive Cruise Control you can set up here. This is your performance pages here. You have a 0 to 100 timer here. You have a 0 to 160 timer in this performance. You have a 200-meter timer. A 400-meter timer. And you have a braking distance. Shows you the braking distance when you brake hard.

You also have G-Forces. And you also have Peak G-Forces on this one. So that’s your performance page there, and there’s a lap timer in there also. And you can keep a bit of a history on it if you’d like to do that sort of thing. And a top speedo showing here, it’s a 176 miles an hour– kms/hr, pardon me.

And that’s the vehicle information you’re going to get in there. Of course, your transmission and stuff like that and speedometer. We have the– It’s got paddles on the back for shifting your transmission up and down. Also has the audio controls on the back here. Of course, UConnect is part of this system. And as you can see, here’s your touch screen.

This particular unit has navigation system here. You can put in your addresses for navigation. Of course, it’s the standard radio stuff, AM/FM, Sirius, XM. It’s got a Media Center. Of course, down here, you can use USB ports. And auxiliary ports. As I was saying, it’s got the Google Android Play. It’s got the Apple CarPlay in here too. You can run both of them through the system.

Heated and cooled seats on this particular unit. And here’s your apps and your Performance Control’s right here. You can hit setup Sport mode which is a button down below and you setup Super Track. So it’s got a Sports page on here also.

This unit, the automatic shift is right here, of course, your shift push button start. You’ve got controls for your climate and stuff, is all right here. The Adaptive Cruise Control and Cruise Control right in this particular area.

We’ll pop into the storage area. And here you have your multimedia center which we’ve brought up on the screen there. It’s all right in here. You can plug into your USB and auxiliary port. 12V outlet that runs off the battery. As you can see, this particular unit has a sunroof. It’s comfortable seating for four in this unit.

You want to come and test drive this unit, this 2017 Challenger R/T Shaker series in Jazz Blue, as it’s called. Unit no. C-0011. The list price on this particular unit is $51,225.

Give us a call at 1877-625-4555 Toll-free. Or you can call us locally on 1403-625-4555.

Come and see this beautiful 2017 Challenger R/T Shaker.

Sales Team
Legacy Dodge Claresholm



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