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2017 Jeep Wrangler l Sahara Edition l Claresholm, AB

Hi, I’m John, here from Legacy Dodge Claresholm. I’m here to show you this 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara Edition.

As you can see, this is in black with a matching black Hard Top. The Sahara comes with the step boards along the side here, and this is a special Sahara wheel you can see right here.

Moving to the back of the vehicle this particular unit has the Dual Tops, and it’s rolled up right inside the Hard Top so you take your Hard Top off and you can roll the Dual Top off. This also has a very nice sound system as you can see here and it’s also got a little bit of storage underneath the right in this area here, and there is your Subwoofer and stuff in there. You can keep your bolts and screws for your Hard Top right underneath here, so you don’t lose them.

Okay, moving back to the front, we’ll go under the hood here. When we get up to the front here, this protector unit got this nice, great grille inserts on this, seven slots and underneath the hood, we have the 3.6 liter V6 Pentastar engine which is a 3rd generation in this case, and this has the automatic transmission in it. It comes with 3.73 axle ratio. This particular model does so she’s really made for that off-road or trail rated situation.

Some of the options on this particular unit are Connectivity Group which gives you the tire pressure monitoring system. You have hands-free for the Bluetooth phone, and you have a Vehicle Information Center on this one. I mentioned the Dual Tops; it comes with the Hard Top of course and the Soft Top. It has a class 2 receiver with 4-pin wiring.

The 5-speed automatic features hill-descent control and Tip Start. It has the automatic temperature control, has AC filters, filtering and humidity sensors on. It has a 6.5-inch touchscreen with Navigation. It has Sirius satellite radio and remote start.

Moving to the inside on this particular unit, we have the leather seats in it. And as you can see, it’s got the power windows and power locks in this particular unit. Moving to the inside, we have the Vehicle Information Center right here which we’ll take a look at once we get inside here. Cruise control on the steering wheel.

In this Unlimited, as you can see, it has 4 doors on it. Of course, it’s got comfortable seating in the 2nd row, and these seats, when they’re not being used will fold down pretty well right flat so you can load quite a bit of stuff right into this particular unit. As you can see, it’s got a very good set of speakers in here, and as you know, there are speakers in the back here also behind the hatch gate.  

This Jeep has, of course, the hand holds on for your off-roading stuff, when you’re going over those big rocks and stuff here, you can see them on all four doors.

Okay, moving to the front. As you can see, this Hard Top is you can configure anyway you would like. You can take 1 top off on the passenger side or the driver side, or you can take them both off, you got yourself an off-road convertible here with an open air. Very easy to do these levers here on the four corners and then it’s just unhooked at this point in time.

Now, moving into the instrumentation and stuff here. As you can see on the steering wheel, we have the cellphone hook up for your UConnect or Bluetooth that’s right in here. And it does have a voice command system for the radio where you can tell it to switch presets, or you can tell it to switch from AM to FM to satellite. It has the audio controls on the back as you can see.

I’ll show you we have an Information Center on the dash here as you can see. We’ve got direction and temperature comes up all the time, but if you go through the menu, you can show your digital speedometer you can have in there. It gives you your average fuel consumption. It gives you distance to empty. Shows you all 4 tire pressures here which is handy if you’re getting a low tire, you’ll know which one it is. Also, has a timer on here and it’s got vehicle information as you scroll through here, gives you the cooling temperatures, oil life remaining, oil pressure, transmission temperature, vehicle information. That’s what you’re having the information center here. Of course, you have the cruise control on the other side here.

Moving to the center stack, we have the 6.5-inch touchscreen which is, this is Nav activated which we will. There you have the AM/FM radio on this particular one. And satellite it has, acquiring signal right now. We have the navigation thing, and there’s a map view of it. It’s a Garmin based system, so it’s very easy to use. Your power windows are located right here in the center stack. You got lock out of course. It has dual temperature control in this particular unit. It’s automatic dual temperature control.

As you can see, moving down here we have Power mirrors, you can adjust them from right here. Have a power outlet; we have the heated seats of course in the front here, you can see on the outside buttons.

It has Electronic Stability Program. It also has hill-descent control. It will slow you down going down these steep hills out in the mountains, quite nicely. It also has 115-volt outlet which you turn on right here. Of course, your 4×4 shifter is right in that position, your automatic and your hand brake. We do have a pretty good storage in the center here. As you can see down here, we have a USB port, you have an auxiliary port, and there’s a power outlet in here, 12-volt, volt power outlet that is. And also, we have a nice, big glove boxes you can see right here.

If you want to see or test drive this particular unit, you would give us a call at Legacy Dodge here in Claresholm at 1877-625-4555. Our local number is 403-625-4555. This is unit T0329. It’s the 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara. Very beautiful vehicle.

Sales Team
Legacy Dodge Claresholm



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