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2017 Ram 1500 BigHorn | Claresholm, AB

Hi, I’m John here at Legacy Dodge Claresholm. I’m here to show you this brand new 2017 Ram 1500 Big Horn Cruise.

I believe the colour is called Black Forest Green. Very, very dark green metallic. Unit no. is T-0347. This truck lists as $60,475.

The Big One package is basically the chrome grille. Chrome bumper, front and rear. It has a special wheel on this Big One package. And chrome wheel on it there. It has the chrome tube steps on it. The chrome mirrors, the chrome door handles, and this chrome strip along the side.

Moving to the back here, it also has the chrome tipped dual exhaust along the back. Of course, there is that Big Horn logo. These units have a power lock, and tail gate. You just hit the lock button on your key fob and the tailgate is locked. Hit unlock, and it unlocks.

This particular unit has backup camera. Spray-in box liner. And your box lighting, it also has in here. Under the hood, we have the 5.7L Hemi engine with 395 Horsepower. And about 410 foot pounds of torque. It’s also teamed up with an 8-speed automatic transmission which gives you very good fuel economy using that 8-speed transmission.

These 5.7 Hemis have multi displacement and that also saves fuel. This particular unit has the premium cloth interior. It’s got 40:60 split bench here in the rear. You have a flat loading floor that comes out from underneath here. So if you’re hauling groceries, or parts, whatever, you can certainly put that flat loading floor down here, and have lots of room. You can have a combination of up and down on either side if you’re hauling passengers also.

In the floor, we also have two bins in here, they are removable. So you can put ice in there for refreshments, and sandwiches for you day trips.

This unit has seats in it, here on the driver’s side. These seats are also heated, and it has a heated steering wheel. Of course, we have the automatic headlights on this particular unit.

We’ll go up front here and show you the instrumentation. This unit has your audio controls on the back of the steering wheel. Cruise Control on the front here. And you can shift your 8-speed automatic up and down right off the steering wheel. You have the UConnect buttons for your cell phone. Audio controls on the back. And a very nice instrumentation system at your disposal here, on the instrument panel here.

It’s got a 6-gauge pack on here. And a rotary dialer, takes you into all the different views, you can take a look at the vehicle information. Moving to the center stack here, this one has an 8.4″ UConnect audio system in it. AM/AM, and Sirius Satellite Radio for a year.

There is a bunch of touch screen apps you can do here. (As far as it’s going, say for instance, you can go to climate control) (you can touch screen that in this ) You can also control the climate here, down below, with the push buttons in here.

As far as the audio goes, you can control it here besides the steering wheel, and the touch screen. This particular unit has the heated seats and heated steering wheel. We have Park Sense, front and rear, you can turn them on and off right here in the center stack.

It has a tow haul mode. It will pull about 10,000 pound trailer, so it pulls pretty good. And then you got your integrated brake controller here.

This particular 4-wheel drive system is an auto system, so you put it in 4-wheel auto, and you can drive on ice, dry pavement, snow, whatever, and it will automatically go onto 4-wheel drive.

As far as the storage in the front here, we have a nice bin here, and you have your Infotainment system, here you have your USB system, to charge your phone. You can use a USB memory stick, and you have this auxiliary port to put music– play music through the system. Also, down below here we have a big storage area. Plus the double glove boxes up and below.

This unit also has a 115V power outlet so you can power a laptop quite easily on that. You got your Universal garage door opener system. You can put your garage door opener into it. And a power sliding rear window.

If you want to book a test drive in this unit you can give us a call, locally, at 403-625-4555, or you can call long distance, toll free 1877-625-4555.

Come see this beautiful Black Forest Green 2017 Ram 1500 Big Horn Crew. Very nicely equipped.

Sales Team
Legacy Dodge Claresholm



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