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2017 Ram 1500 Longhorn Limited | Claresholm, AB

Hi everyone, it’s Seth here from Legacy Dodge Claresholm. Today we’re taking a look at this very nice 2017 RAM 1500 Longhorn Limited.  Under the hood, you have the 5.7L Hemi V8 engine, with fuel saver technology. So when you’re up the highway speeds, the engines will shut off four of the cylinders, it’s only one of the 4 cylinders. Will save fuel on the highway.  This truck has a very nice chrome RAM front bumper. You have the trailer tow hooks, and fog lamps. Coming along this side you have the chrome two-steps. Some really nice chrome limited trim. You only get that on the Limited model. And a nice chrome, window trim.

This vehicle’s equipped with passive entry. So the key’s in my pocket, the door opens with just my hand on the handle. And I can lock it here as well.  Coming over to the back, spray-in boxliner in this unit. You have your dual exhausts. Chrome back bumper. And again, with the Limited trim, you get this nice RAM embossed on the tailgate, and the Limited chrome trim as well.  Back seats in this 1500 crew cab are awesome. Lots of space. Very nice leather seats in this limited package. With some unique stitching along them. This is genuine leather.  And on the door panels you can see, you get the nice Piano Black wood grille as well. Looks really nice. These seats do fold up. And this will come out here as a little tray if you want to put the groceries, or anything like that. And this will also fold up for storage space underneath here.

Under the floor mat you also have nice little storage bins on either side, and those will come out too. You can wash them, and stuff like that.  So overall, back seats here are really nice. And I should mention these back seats are heated as well. So no shortage of features here.  So, driver side, again very nice. Piano Black trim along the door with leather stitching. Power windows, power locks, power adjustable mirrors. You have this nice chrome RAM embezzlement here. Power adjustable driver seat with lumbar adjustment. And memory settings as well and over here you have your automatic headlights. Seats in this truck are very nice. As I said before, these are genuine leather. You only can get these with the Limited, and the Longhorn Trims. Very nice seats.

This vehicle does have push button start. Foot on the brake, key in the car, push the button here, and she fires up. You have a really nice limited gauge cluster here. Only available with the Limited package.  You have your speedometer. Tons of vehicle information you can scroll through. Fuel economy. Trip information. Trailer brake information, and all your trailer tow information, stuff like that. Audio information. And more so, it’s a very nice digital display here.  As you can see, nice limited badging. Coming back here, you have the leather wrap steering wheel. Really nice stitching here.  Your cruise control, and you can also shift the transmission up and down here. Your controls for the digital display here, as well as your Bluetooth, and voice command controls.  Up here you have a really nice Piano Black trim on the steering wheel. Feels really great to hold. Coming over to the center stack, you have the 8.4″ touchscreen. This is equipped with Satellite Radio. You have your media screen for phones, Bluetooth, audio. Your controls, your heated seats, heated steering wheel. Vented seats, backup camera, and mirror dimmer, all here, so really easy to use.

Over here, your climate screen, this is dual zone, so you can set the temperature different for both passenger, and driver. This unit is equipped with navigation as well. The Garmin based system, extremely easy to use, you can see the map here.  Go back to the menu, you can put in your address here. You can also put in your home address, so from wherever you are, you just hit, ‘Go home,’ and it’ll take you home right from there.  And of course, you have your Bluetooth screen for pairing your cell phone. You can make calls and everything like that right from the screen here as long as your phone is connected.  It’s the 8-speed automatic transmission in the unit. With your Mode Selector 2-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive, Auto. 4-wheel drive lock, and a 4-wheel-drive low mode.  Over here, more ways to control the climate. Dual-zone, as I said before your trailer brake controllers here. And this does have the air suspension so there’s four different modes here. As you can see, we’re going into entry/exit mode right now. Bring it back up, and I’ll show here it’s raising it up. Back to the normal ride height, and then you have two off-road heights as well.  You can also control your heated and vented seats and steering wheel right down here. Over here you have some really nice, that Black Wood trim again. It’s kind of throughout the entire interior. Very nice! And this folds down; you get nice storage space here.  Your two cup holders. Really nice leather center console with the Limited badging. Here’s where you’ll find USB, auxiliary ports for charging your phone, playing music, and everything like that.  And this comes up again for an even deeper storage space back here. No shortage of features in this unit. I should mention, it has the universal garage door opener. You can program up to 3-4 garage door openers here. This unit also has a sunroof. Pretty much every feature you can think of, this truck’s got it.  

If you want to come take a look at this RAM 1500, give us a call here at Legacy Dodge in Claresholm, 403-625-4555, or toll-free, 1877-625-4555.  This is stock no. T-0320. It’s a 2017 RAM 1500 Limited.

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