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Ram 1500 Rebel

Hi, I’m John here at Legacy Dodge in Claresholm. We’re here to show you this brand-new 2017 Ram 1500 Rebel Crew Cab.

The Rebel, of course, is specifically designed for off-road use. The Rebel also has this new RAM front in-front fascia on it. It also has a different rear fascia on the back of it. It comes equipped with the factory lift from the factory directly. It also has four corner air suspension which has two off-road heights. It also has a narrow height when you’re driving up and down the highway. It also has a regular ride height. And it also has an entry and exit ride height. It comes with a heavy-duty Bilstein shocks, front and rear on this Rebel package for off-road use of course. This unit has the big off-road mudder tires with special rims for the Rebel. As you can see it’s got a two-tone effect there with the wheel pack. This one we put tune steps on it And the tonneau cover on the back here. [continue reading…]