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2017 Ram 1500 | Rebel Trim | Claresholm, AB

Hi, I’m John here at Legacy Dodge in Claresholm. We’re here to show you this brand-new 2017 Ram 1500 Rebel Crew Cab.

The Rebel, of course, is specifically designed for off-road use. The Rebel also has this new RAM front in-front fascia on it. It also has a different rear fascia on the back of it. It comes equipped with the factory lift from the factory directly. It also has four corner air suspension which has two off-road heights. It also has a narrow height when you’re driving up and down the highway. It also has a regular ride height. And it also has an entry and exit ride height. It comes with a heavy-duty Bilstein shocks, front and rear on this Rebel package for off-road use of course. This unit has the big off-road mudder tires with special rims for the Rebel. As you can see it’s got a two-tone effect there with the wheel pack. This one we put tune steps on it And the tonneau cover on the back here.

Moving around the back, you can see the Rebel logo in on the back with the RAM across the back there. This one has a spray in boxliner. This has a 5.7L HEMI with an 8-speed automatic transmission for off-road uses, comes standard from the factory with 392 axle ratios. The 8-speed automatic, of course, is a very smooth shifting automatic. This Rebel has a unique interior. As you can see we have the red trim seats with also the black on them. It has a tire tread insert in here in cloth, the same tread that’s on the Toyo tires on the outside. This is also a crew cab, so there’s lots of room in this particular unit. It does have a flat loading floor that comes out from underneath as you can see there. So if you don’t have any passengers you want to throw parts and stuff in here, you certainly can.

It has unique storage areas under the floor mats here, as you can see. That tray comes out, and you can put ice in there. Sandwiches and refreshments. It’s got that storage on both sides here. In the back, we have heat vents coming to the back. Plus a 12-volt power outlet. This unit is equipped with the trailer tow option which gives you the trailer tow mirrors. It gives you the class-4 receiver. 4 and 7-pin wiring plus it has an integrated brake controller.

This one is also equipped with what we call passive entry. You leave the keys in your pocket just put your hand in the slot there, and the door opens up without you having to take the keys out of your pocket. When you get out of the unit, you can also lock it by just pressing the button here on the door. This unit is equipped with a push-button start, so you put your foot on the brake press the button, and you’ve got your vehicle started. This has power seat on both sides with power lumbar seats. Of course, you can see that unique trim package in here on the interior plus down here on the center stack. Also it kind of goes across on the doors with that red on here. We have a storage area here which gives you an infotainment center there. It’s got a USB port there, an auxiliary port and then there’s the power charging port for your cell phone. And it’s got big storage below here. As far as the unit itself it has an Information Center here in the center stack as you can see the tire pressure’s up there right now but there’s also a bunch of info here as far as driving hours are concerned idling, and driving. It gives you a summary page here for coolant transmission.

It gives you an oil life monitor, oil temp a transmission temp, and your air suspension for off-road you can see there’s a screen for it also. That’s the Information Center to get back out of there. We go up to here; you can certainly have a digital speedometer on this thing. It can be changed to miles-per-hour quite easily. It also has a setup screen where you can put the information you want in the four corners here for what you want to put in there whether it’s trailer, fuel, mileage average, or temperature and direction, of course, is very common in there. It has an audio screen here. You can keep track of all the trailers you tow on here also. And depending what brake controller you want with distance and stuff here. And there’s, of course, an A, and B trip in here. And then you have a fuel consumption if you want to leave it on that particular screen. It also has a 6-gauge pack on it. You have the audio controls on the steering wheel. This one has heated front seats and heated steering wheel, of course, which is very nice in the winter time. This is equipped with a universal garage door opener. You can program your garage door into here. You don’t have to have your transmitter out here. It also has a power sliding rear door. This little hole you see here is for dual heat and air. on both sides, for the passenger, and the driver. That’s your sensors. It also has a power sunroof if you can see here.

So this one is very nicely equipped. Moving down to the center stack we have here a nice storage area for cup holders. You got some storage here plus you got a place to put your cell phones. Down below here is your integrated brake controller. As you can see, the heated seats and heated steering wheel are on. And this shows you what height you’re at as far as off-road or on-road heights for this off-road suspension. Off-road suspension, sorry. We can control the heat and air both from the touchscreen and right below here on the push buttons. Plus the audio can be controlled here on the touchscreen As you can see it’s got the 4×4 system. There’s a push button here. And that’s your 8-speed automatic transmission. It’s right here. There also is on the steering wheels in conjunction with that 8-speed shifter you can shift the transmission up or down right on your steering wheel. And if you shift it down to fourth it will only go up to fourth. So it can be done that way through the push button. Now getting back to the infotainment system on here this has an 8.4″ touchscreen with navigation. As you can see we got AM/FM radio. You have Sirius satellite radio for one full year when you buy this unit. It has a media center on here where you can run music through the auxiliary port or through the USB port or the Bluetooth on your cell phone. It can be run through here. We have a control screen on here where you have your heated seats in the front. You can use the touchscreen to run them or of course down below as I mentioned before in the heated steering wheel.

You have a backup camera. You can access without having to put it in reverse as you can see right here. Get back out of that screen, and we have–This unit goes directly to settings, and it has an auto dim rear mirror. This is an app screen. This is all the apps that are applicable. If there’s one particular app down here, you’re not using much, and there’s one you’re using more up here you can drop and drag it down into the app screen. As you can see, there’s the settings where you can set up your personal settings. Go through and set it up personally for your own use. The climate screen is here it’s individual of course for heat and air, and you can sync it the same, and you can set it up. The other screen here is a navigation screen.

This is the map view of it. It’s a Garmin based system so very easy to use. The other screen that’s on here is your cell phones you can keep track of up to 6 or 7 cell phones in this particular unit. And this is where you program them in there. Some of the other equipment on this unit is 9 Alpine speakers with subwoofer. It has the the remote start and security system on it. It also has a protection group which adds a transfer case skid plate and front suspensions skid plate to it. It has a large fuel tank of 121 liters.

If you want to come and test drive this unit unit no. is T-0318. It’s a 2017 RAM 1500 Rebel Crew You can contact us at (877)625-4555. Or you can call us locally at (403)625-4555. Come and see this brand new 2017 Rebel.

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Legacy Dodge Claresholm



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