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2011 Ford Escape | XLT Trim | Claresholm, AB

Hey, I’m Seth from Legacy Dodge Claresholm. Today, I’ll show you this 2011 Ford Escape.

The rear side of this Ford Escape is in fantastic shape. It features a passcode lockable door here. You just have to put in the passcode in and the door will unlock for you. Coming around to the back of the vehicle, lift gate’s easy to open. And there’s a lot amount of space back here for groceries or anything you may need to be transporting. Under the hood of the Ford Escape, we have a powerful V6 engine, coupled with an automatic transmission. And this is a 4-wheel drive unit. So it’s great for the winter, and the rough Albertan winters.

Stepping into the back of the Ford Escape, this unit does have leather seating. Very comfortable rear seats. Lots of space back here. The seats will also fold flat. If you are in need of extra space, they’ll fold right flat to load some extra cargo in here. Stepping into the driver’s side, this unit does have power windows and power locks, and power-adjustable folding mirrors.

Stepping inside here you have your automatic headlights here, as well as the controls for your center screen up here, which you can get liters per 100 kilometers. Trip information, and your distance to empty up here. It’s got a leather-wrapped steering wheel. The cruise control. And your volume and Bluetooth controls on the side here. Up here you do have a screen that has the direction you’re travelling, the time and the exterior temperature. This will also show your radio stations and stuff like that when you’re using the radio. Coming down here you have your CD player. Your audio controls and your Bluetooth controls. You have your radio selector for AM/FM, CD, and auxiliary. This does have an auxiliary port for iPods or cell phones. Coming down here you have your climate controls. Heated seats in this unit, as well as air conditioning. And down here is where you’ll find USB port for charging cell phones and the auxiliary port. You’ve got your Get-mode selector here. Park, reverse, neutral drive, and a low mode, which is great for snow. This is a 4-wheel drive unit. You’ve got cup holders here. A little storage bin there. Some more cup holders for the rear passengers. And a good amount of space in this center console as well. Over here you do have your glovebox. Some more storage space there. And again these premium leather seats. Very comfortable seats. Up here you’ll have your sunroof controls. And a little space for your sunglasses as well. This unit does have a sunroof. And these seats are also power-adjustable.

If you’d like to test drive this Ford Escape, you can call us here at Legacy Dodge, (403)625-4555. Or you can call us toll-free, (877)625-4555. Have a look at this low kilometer Ford Escape. Only 80,000 kilometers.

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Legacy Dodge Claresholm



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