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2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee | Laredo Trim | Claresholm, AB

Hey, I’m Seth from Legacy Dodge Claresholm. I’m here today to show you this 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo edition.

Under the hood of this Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, we have a 3.6L v6 Pentastar engine paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission. And this engine does feature engine stop-start, so if you’re up at a red light or in heavy traffic, the engine will shut down while you’re stopped and then as soon as you press the accelerator pedal the engine will start right up again to conserve fuel, so a really great feature. Back seats in this Grand Cherokee are very spacious. Lots of legroom back here. Got your door there with the power window. Some nice wood trim and a chrome handle there.

Over here is where you have your vents for heat and air. You can control the direction of the heat and air with that little switch right there. Now, these seats will fold flat Just got to pull this lever right here. Now come right down. If you do need the extra space for carrying any sort of cargo. Checking out the back here. Lift gates, very easily opened. You’ll find you have a really good amount of storage space in these Grand Cherokees. Great for groceries, or any large cargo you may need to carry. And now those seats will also fall flat as I mentioned before if you need that extra room. You have a 12-volt power outlet here. And underneath here is where you’ll find your spare tire and all your tools. And there’s a couple of little extra storage trays too if you do need them.

Another great feature about this back area is this detachable flashlight. Flashlight’s always charged. It charges while the vehicle’s running. Simply pop it out like that, and you can use it if you’re in a situation at night where you may need a flashlight or anything, it’s always charged up for you. This unit does have keyless entry. Simply leave the key in your pocket put your hand on the door, and the door will unlock. And if you’d like to lock up the door again you just press the button right there, the doors locked. Stepping inside here you have your power windows and locks. Power adjustable mirrors. Here’s that nice wood trim along the doors there. This driver seat is power adjustable with lumbar adjustment. And these are the comfortable cloth seats here.

Sitting inside the Grand Cherokee Laredo. It has a push-button start. Leave the key in your pocket Press this button right here, and the engine will start right up. So, front in the center here is this digital display. Very nice. The speedometer is fully digital. You have your leather wrapped steering wheel here. Your cruise control. And here’s where you can control all the different kind of stuff. You can get in the center screen; you can get oil temperature oil pressure,  oil life battery voltage. Lots of information on the vehicle here. You can get your trip information media information and much more.

Coming down here, you have your automatic headlights This also does have paddle shifter if you want to shift up or shift down while you’re driving. And the volume controls are on the back of the steering wheel as well. Coming over to the center screen here this is a touchscreen AM/FM, and Sirius satellite radio. You have a media screen for your iPod or USB. And Bluetooth for your cell phone as well. You can also control the climate up here with the touchscreen, and you can control fan speed. The different modes for the air-conditioning’s here. Moving down you have your volume controls for your radio tuned to your radio. And your climate control’s also down here. This is dual zone. So you can have different temperatures set for each side. Coming down here, you have your ParkSense which you can turn on or off. Now, ParkSense will beep if you’re near an object in the front, or the rear to let you know, so you don’t crash into anything. Here’s your stop-start engine button. You can turn that feature off if you don’t want it. Your economy button to save fuel. And sport mode too if you want to have a little more fun. Coming down here you have your gear selector, Cup holders, Nice leather center console with one layer of storage there and then a deeper layer here. So, lots of storage in this unit. There’s another little bit of storage right in here. and you’ll also find your auxiliary USB and SD card slot as well as a 12-volt power outlet in there. Now another quick thing I forgot to mention about the speedometer here. If you prefer digital like that you can switch it like this. And you can go miles per hour or km/h just by pressing these buttons right over here. And if you prefer a gauge like that you can definitely have to set that way as well. This nice little feature for some customization based on your preferences.

If you’d like to take a look at this Jeep Grand Cherokee you can call us here on Legacy Dodge, Claresholm (877)625-4555 Or locally, (403)625-4555. Come for a test drive and have a look at this brand new 2017 Jeep.

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