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2012 Chevy Cruz | Claresholm, AB

Hey guys, Seth here down at Legacy Dodge Claresholm.

Today we’re taking a look at this very nice 2012 Chevrolet Cruz. This is unit no. D03428. It’s only got about 50,000 kms on it. We got it listed for $11,995.

This Chevy Cruz has some really nice Pearl rims on it, as you can see down here. They look very nice. It’s got a power trunk, with the key pod. Just flick the button, and the trunk will open up. As you can see over here, you got a lot of space in this trunk. Really good size for this classy vehicle here.

Power locks and windows, of course, on the key pod. Let’s take a look inside. Checking out the back seats, very good amount of space back here. Power window. Stepping inside, back here. It’s class seating. Really comfortable seats.

You have two cup holders that fold down back here. And then, for convenience, down here there’s a power outlet.

We’ll hop into the driver side here. You get your power locks, power windows, power mirrors. Manual seat in this one. Here’s where you have your automatic headlights. Just set it on auto mode, and it will do all the work for you. The key right here, push the button, and the key flips out, and the vehicle starts up.

We got a nice steering wheel. Cruise Control. Here’s where you’ll have a bit of information. Your fuel economy, your speed. And as you can see, it has 50,310 kms on it.

Center stack over here. You have a nice digital display. This one has AM/FM, Sirius Satellite Radio. Of course, you have a CD player, auxiliary port. And this one also has hands-free calling in Bluetooth.

Coming down here, you have your climate controls. Pretty easy to use. Your shifter. Traction control button. You can turn that off if you don’t want it. The only situation you really want to turn that off is if you are in deep snow indicating that the tire is spinning a little faster, and get the vehicle out of the snow. But I wasn’t that happy. I recommend you just keep that on, to keep your traction.

Down here, we have our cup holders, power outlet. And a nice little center console, where you’ll find your auxiliary input, in there. You got your glove box here. Good amount of space in there.

Overall, it’s a really nice, comfortable, economical car. Again, it’s a 2012 Chevy Cruz. 50,310 kms.

If you want to come take a look at this very nice Chevy Cruz give us a call here at Legacy Dodge Claresholm, 1877-625-4555, or locally, 403-625-4555. Or you can reach me on my cell phone. Shoot me a text at 403-625-0273. Come take this nice car for a test drive.

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Legacy Dodge Claresholm



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