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2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland | Claresholm, AB

Hey guys, Seth here from Legacy Dodge Claresholm. Today we’re taking a look at this 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Edition. This is unit number L0076.

This Grand Cherokee is equipped with the 5.7L Hemi engine, as you can see. Produces a whopping 360 Horsepower. This one also has an air intake on it as well which will pump up the performance also. It’s a very powerful engine.

This Jeep has the feature we call keyless entry. With the key here in your pocket, put your hand on the handle, and the door unlocks just like that. And it’s easy to lock, if you just press the button there, and the door locks.

Coming over to the back here, this one has the trailer hitch as you can see. People are pulling up to a 7200-pound trailer with this unit. This also got an automatic tailgate. You can use the button over here. Or you can press it twice, and the hatch will open this thing up.

As you can see, there’s a bit of space back here. The speaker back here. Your 12V power outlet. Closing the latch is pretty easy to do. Just hit the button right here. Just press that, and it will close right up again.

We’re through at the back seats here. And this Grand Cherokee, as you can see, a really nice colour combination tan, brown leather, in this unit. Comes along the door as well.

And you also have, of course, some more plain trim there. A chrome handle bar. Power windows there. Let’s hop in here. As you can see, these are heated seats back here. Just nice to have.

And you have a 150W power outlet for charging laptops or cell phones. And you got your vents back here for the heat and air. This unit is equipped with the DVD player, as you can see up here. It has also got down here, as you can see, some plugs for gaming consoles, if you’d like to plug that in, play up on the screen.

Back seats, overall, lot of room. Like I said, the colour combo is nice. And heated seats at the back are going to be great for the family. Really great features in this back area.

Let’s check out the driver’s side. Of course, the colour combination continues on with the nice tan leather. And the wood trim. You got power locks, power windows, power mirrors. Power adjustable driver seat with the lumbar adjustment. And the driver seat gets the luxury of having memory settings as well.

They have automatic headlights here. Let’s hop down into this one. As you can see, really nice leather wrapped steering wheel with the wood grain accent. You have your Bluetooth and voice command controls here. And your Cruise Control. This one does have Adaptive Cruise Control which will slow you down, and speed you up. Keep you at the same speed as the traffic on the freeway which is a really awesome feature to have. You can, of course, turn that off if you don’t want it either.

This is the main screen here. I want to just go through a bit of the info. Here you can get your fuel economy, of course. Your vehicle speed, which could be switched to miles/hr. Your trip information. Your terrain setting, bit here. Your tire pressure, of course. And coolant temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, transmission temperature, engine hour. All the information you may want on your vehicle. It’s all right here for you.

Coming over here to the center area, you have a Nav-equipped touch screen. So, full navigation system in this unit. As well as AM/FM, and Sirius Satellite Radio. With your voice command controls. And you have an auxiliary plug and USB for your cell phone.

Coming down here, you got the dual zone climate control. Different temperatures for either side. And there’s an auto mode, of course, to just keep it at the kind of temperature the computer thinks you need to be at.

And your heated and ventilated seats in this unit, in the front. You have heated steering wheel. Here’s your control to turn on the power outlet in the back so that you can plug stuff into the back there. The power outlet that I showed you before. And you got a button to turn off your parking sensors too. Say you’re putting your trailer on the Jeep, and you don’t want it beeping at you when you’re backing up. You can just flick that off, just like that, and it won’t be bothering you.

Coming down here, you have, of course, your gear lever. Cup holders, and this is your terrain selection system. You have five different modes; Sport, Snow, Auto, which will pick the best setting for the situation. Sand and mud mode. And a rock mode.

This also has air suspension, so you can lift the vehicle up, or lower it by just pressing these buttons here. Of course, you have the 4-wheel drive LO mode. And hill descent control, which is very nice to have.

The leather wraps on the console. With some deep storage in there. A 12V outlet’s in there as well. And there’s also an upper level too with a little bit extra storage. And there’s another storage cubby in here, with a 12V outlet.

Up here, you do have the sun roof. As you can see, sun roof controls are right there. Get a bit of focus here Sun roof controls are right there, as well as the controls for the back hatch.

And your garage door opener. You can program up to 3 garage door openers in this unit. So you don’t carry around that thing that we all know, that we all lose.

And you get your glove box over here; it’s real deep. Overall, lots of features. Fully loaded, 2012 Grand Cherokee Overland. It has got almost every option you can think of.

If you’d like to come take a look at this 2012 Grand Cherokee, give us a call at Legacy Dodge Claresholm. 403-625-4555, or long distance, toll-free 1877-625-4555. You can shoot me a text personally if you like 403-625-0273. Once again, come take a look at this 2012 Grand Cherokee Overland edition.

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