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2017 Ram 3500 Laramie Crew | Claresholm, AB

Hi, I’m John here at Legacy Dodge Claresholm. I’m here to show you this 2017 Ram 3500 Laramie Crew. Unit number is D0306. List price on this unit is $2,515.

Laramie Package, of course, we have the aluminium wheels. This particular one has the cool body side mouldings on it. And wheel to wheel tube steps. And a Laramie, of course, comes with the chrome grille, front and rear. Chrome bumper, front and rear.

Moving around the back here, it has a class-V receiver. 4 and 7-pin wiring. This unit has a lockable tailgate, as you can see. One push of the key fob, and it unlocks. Lastly, this is 5th wheel truck, this particular unit. It has the access for a fifth wheel, you put a RV hitch in here, or a fifth wheel hitch.

It also has the 7-pin wiring on the side of the box, as you can see there. And it’s got the box lighting with the spray-in liner. This one also has the overhead camera so you can see in the box. Look up your fifth wheel, or your RV trail.

This unit has the leather package on it. It’s got a 40:60 split band seat in here. And we have the flat unloading floor that comes out from underneath on both sides. So you can have a combination of passenger’s seat up, or seat down.

I notice a nice little trim package on these Laramies. When you flip up the seat you got some lighting comes out from underneath the seat, a little LED. And in the floor, we have storage here on both sides. Put refreshments and stuff in there, and ice and anything. There’s a liner in it, you pull it out, and dump out the ice and water to clean it. It has vents on the back seat, as you can see on this particular unit.

In this particular unit, we got the option of what we call the Passive entry. You got the keys here, you put them in your pocket, you don’t have to take them off your pocket, put your hand on the handle, and it opens right up. When you get out, and you want to lock it, push the button here, and it’s locked.

This has power folding side mirrors on it, so if you get tied in a parking spot or in a mall, or something like that, you can just press the button, and the mirrors will fold up. And press the button to pull them back out. And of course, it has auto one-touch up and down as far as the front passenger windows and driver windows.

As you can see, it’s got automatic headlights. Power adjustable pedals. It also has a power seater here. It has two memory positions. You can link it to the key fob. So, two different drivers with two different key fobs.

The memory position controls the seat. The power adjustable pedals, the mirrors. The temperature, and the presets. So that can be linked to the key fob.

Along with that passive entry, to get into the vehicle, it also has push button start. Put your foot on the brake, one press of the button and the unit will start up.

This particular unit has the audio controls on the back of the steering wheel. As well as the touch screen, as well as these, along the side here. It has also has an Information Center. In the center stack here, as you can see is a rotary dial that tells you what gear you’re in.

And also has a setup screen where you can put four different things in the corner if you want to keep track of your fuel mileage or your trailer gain setting on the trailer brake.

There’s a message center here if something comes up, oil change or you need the fuel filter whatever, that will pop up in here.

There’s a music screen, of course, right now, I’ve got it muted. You have a trailer brake control system in here. It can keep track of up to 4 trailers. The kilometers, and what type of braking it has. Here’s your trip odometer in this dial screen too. As you can see, it’s moving along here, A trip. Here’s your fuel mileage, you can leave it on that screen, if you want it will give you an average range to empty, and the current fuel mileage consumption on this sliding scale across the (arch ??) there.

It has a gauge package in here, here’s the summary page. We get in here; we can take a look at idle hours, and driving hours. You can take a look at all your tire pressures. You take a look at your ?? temperature. Oil life. Fuel floater life is in here; voltage is in here. And you have exhaustible boosters in here also. And then back to that summary page. And then we’re back to kms/hr. So, very nice gauge pack. Very nice Information Center, you got a 6-gauge pack here.

You’ll notice on these diesels; it has a DEF level indicator here. So you can keep track of how much DEF fluid is part of the (immersion ??) system here. Plus these 5 other gauges we’ll keep an eye on.

Moving to the center stack, just going overhead here, we have a power sliding door. You can program upto 3 garage door openers into this unit, depending where you park it. Moving down to the center, we have an 8.4″ touch screen here. We run the radio screen, it has AM/FM and Sirius Satellite Radio. The Media Center, which is– which is in here, has USB port, auxiliary port. And a 12V outlet there that runs of the battery.

This particular unit also has a remote CD player which is down underneath, below the seat here. So you got a CD player. There’s a little bit of storage below there too in this single seat, so you can– This particular unit, you can seat upto six in this one.

Moving through there, we have a control screen panel here. Heated seats, and ventilated seats, of course, you have here. And it’s got the heated seats on the passenger and driver side, and ventilated seats on the passenger and driver side, here on the steering wheel.

You can access the backup camera which is on the tailgate. By not even being in reverse, you can also access the cargo camera here. Look down into the box, look up your fifth wheel trailer, can be done, and there’s a setting page here too.

We have an app screen. As you can see these apps along the bottom there. If there’s one particular app up here you want down here, and it will change off the ones that you don’t use as much, you certainly can drag and drop that.

We have a settings screen; you can set it up for a bunch of personal settings in here. And there is a lot of them, of course. The climate screen, it’s turned off right now, but that’s what it looks like. Individual heat and air for the driver and the passenger.

You can program upto 6 or 7 cell phones in this particular unit. Down below, of course, we got the controls for the audio here. And on the steering wheel, and on the touch screen, your temperature, climate is here also, on the touch screen.

Down below here, you’ll see we have a few other buttons. Here’s your heated seats buttons for the driver, and you got a cool seat for the driver. You got a heated steering wheel button you can turn it on or off. The cool seat for the passenger and a heated seat for the driver.

This particular unit has Park Sense, front and rear. That Park Sense, I just showed you when I went in reverse, what that is. It shows as you can see in here, the front and rear. If you get too close to something, it will tell you how close you are. And you can get quite close in reverse. Of course, you can turn it—

These buttons are strictly to turn them off when you’re pulling the trailer, and you want the rear one turned off.

In the front, sometimes, if you’re in the snow storm, it will get you all covered up, you can turn it on. Here’s your trailer brake control here. We have two 12V outlets, one that runs off the key on this side, and one that—

This is the USB port, you can charge your cell phone over here, on this side. And we have a 115V outlet, with 150W. This truck is very, very nicely equipped. And if you’re looking to pull in a RV or a fifth wheel trailer this is probably one of the best units to buy.

If you want to come in and test drive this 2017 Ram 3500 Laramie Crew you certainly can do so. Give us a call for more information, or book a test drive, 1877-625-4555, or you can call us locally at 1403-625-4555.

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Legacy Dodge Claresholm



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