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2017 Ram 3500 SLT | Claresholm, AB

Hi, I’m John here at Legacy Dodge Claresholm. I’d like to show you this 2017 Ram 3500 SLT Crew cab, dual rear wheel. Unit no. is T0349.

 This particular unit is listed at 385 Horsepower. This particular unit has a heavy duty AISIN transmission unit which produces about 25,000 pounds on this particular unit.

Coming round the side here, of course, we have the aluminium wheels on this particular unit. We have the trailer tow mirrors of course. As you can see, we have the aluminium wheels on the back on the ?? here. This particular unit has a class-V receiver so it can handle up to 17,000 pounds on the bumper. The 4 and the 7-pin are here on the bumper. This one has a backup camera.

They have power locking tailgates on these units. So when you push the unlock button you got your tailgate locked, or unlocked. This particular unit is prepped for the fifth wheel hitch. It also has the central high-mount camera; you can see your fifth wheel when you’re hooking it up in here.

And if you go round the side, you’ll notice that it has box lighting. And a spray-in liner. This Crew cab has a 40/60 split bench seat in the rear. You lift up the seat; you have a flat unloading folder that comes off from underneath. Also, in one of the sides here we have some storage.

As you can see in here, there’s a winter ?? for winter use, comes with the vehicle. And we have storage on the far side too. So any combinations of these seats, up or down, you can use the flat loading floor. And in the folder itself, there are two, what we call coolers. You can store stuff in here, even throw ice in there, and put refreshments and sandwiches in there. So it can be moved out, the ice can be drained out, and put back in. And that’s on both sides of the unit.

The other thing of note, back here we have a vent for the rear heat and air. Moving to the front on this particular unit, we have power folding mirrors, that are heated and you can readjust them, the power folding part, you can just push the button here, and the mirror will fold in right up tight. So when you get in a tight spot, in a parking lot, you can fold that mirror right in tight by pushing that button there.

It also has auto one-touch up and down on the front windows. Your standard mirror adjustment there. This particular (confirmation??) in the front has a folding 20/40 split bench seating here with the power seat on the driver’s side. Which also has a power Lumbar.

This particular unit has power adjustable pedals. So, with the seat set up, and the pedals aren’t quite right, you can certainly adjust them. As you can see, on the back of the steering wheel we have audio controls on your steering wheel.

Now, going inside, inside here, we have an Information Center on the steering wheel which you can see is in the center stack here. It has a rotary dial here, which you can change from spots to stripes. Right now, we’re in the digital miles/hr, or kilometers, you can have it either way.

Also, you have a setup screen here; you can set up your temperature, direction. You can put your trailer gain in there. And you can put your fuel mileage in there also, whatever you choose, in those ?? We also have– We have a digital speedometer. We have a gauge summary package here. Plus you can go through all the gauges as far as the individual ones go.

As you can see we got idling hours and driving hours. We got the tire pressures all the way around. We’ve got your transmission temperature which is very important when you’re (ploughing) to keep an eye on. We’ve got an oil life monitor here. We’ve got a fuel filter light monitor on this one. Battery voltage monitor. A ?? exhaust boost is on this one. And then, of course, your gauge summary package.

Moving on, you got a fuel economy page you can leave it on if you wish. Then you’ve got your A and B trip in here. You can keep track of upto 4 different trailers with different brakes. Leg foot brakes, heavy duty, light duty. Hydraulic over electric light and heavy duty, here also, on each one of those particular trailers you’re pulling. You can keep a track of the kilometers on each trailer.

And of course, there’s an audio screen here. There’s a message screen. It will tell you when it’s time for an oil change or any message that may come on. As you notice here, we have your access to UConnect for your cell phone for your hands-free communication, you just push the button, and away you go, it’s right on the steering wheel.

Of course, your Cruise Control’s on this side. This particular transmission, you can shift it up and down by toggling here on the shifter. When you’re pulling those heavy loads, and you want to go slow, you can toggle that down. Between Nav and the built-in exhaust brake, which is right here. You can really save on the brakes and control the speed, and have your vehicle slowing down.

While we’re right here, on this particular spot, you can see your trailer brake adjustment there, your gain. This one’s set up on some of the auxiliary switches so you can put electronics in here, that does come with the unit. Upto 5 auxiliary switches for radio and all that sort of thing.

Above that, of course, you have electronic stability controllers, the tow hob, that one you’re pulling. And when you’re pulling a trailer you can turn off your rear Park Sense by just pulling this button here.

Moving up to the center stack here, of course, it has individual heat and air. Control it through the buttons, or you can control it through the touch screen here. Either way you can, and of course, this is your controls for your radio, and stuff, are right here. Or you can control it on the touch screen up here.

4×4 system is a dial. It’s got 2-wheel drive, of course, 4Lock, and 4LO. Moving down the center stack a bit here, we have a little cubby here for storage with this 20/40 split vent seats. That’s how it comes.

We have two ports here. One 12V port that runs off the key, and another 12V port that runs off the battery. And also a 115V port at a 150W.

As far as this touch screen goes, this is an 8.4″ touch UConnect system. This is Nav ready, but it doesn’t have Nav in this particular case. Of course, we got AM/FM radio. We got a Media Center which goes back into the inside here.

There is a 12V charging outlet here. USB port and auxiliary ports in that Media Center. Controls, in this case, you’ve got controls with the backup camera. The backup camera, coming off the rear tailgate is there. You can access that without being in reverse. You can also access the high mount camera right here. And you can see inside your box when you’re hooking up your fifth wheel trailer.

This next one is an app screen. Any one of these apps that are not down here that you use more, they can be dropped and dragged down here.

The next one is a climate control. As you can see, it’s individual heat and air, and you can touch screen it in, and there is an auto position here. (Once you set the hit key it will maintain that.??) And this is where you put your cell phones. There are no phones connected now, of course, because it’s a brand new truck.

On the overhead here we have a system where we ?? truck in a garage, you can certainly program the garage door opener right into the unit. You don’t have to have your local ?? there. It’s got a sliding rear window. And these are individual push lights on this particular– Oil zone here. Your automatic temperature sensors are right here.

If you want to come and see this 2017 Ram 3500 SLT Crew cab, dual rear wheel. Very ideal for hauling fifth wheel trailers, for hauling stock trailers, and fifth wheel stock trailers.

Come and see us here at Legacy Dodge in Claresholm. Give us a call at our toll-free 1877-625-4555, or call us locally to book a test drive at 403-625-4555.

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Legacy Dodge Claresholm



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