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2013 Dodge Journey | SXT Trim | Claresholm, AB

Hi, I’m John here at Legacy Dodge in Claresholm. I’m here to show you today, this beautiful 2013 Dodge Journey SXT Front-wheel drive.

It’s in tri-coat pearl white. A very nice colour. It only has 59,385 kilometers to it. This vehicle is equipped standard with the passive entry. You leave the keys in your pocket, you put your hand on it, and it unlocks. And certainly, it has push button start, so you don’t have to take the keys out to do that. And if you want to lock it from the outside just press the lock button on there, and the unit’s locked.

We move to the back here, the same applies to the lift-gate. There’s a button here on the lift gate. You do a click there, and it unlocks the unit. And we’re into the back of it. We’re already at the back. This is a 5-passenger unit.  It has this storage area underneath the rear area where the third-row seats would go. So you’ve got huge storage here also. And this one comes equipped with a tonneau cover. Out of sight, out of mind, if you’ve got something in the back, in the big city, you don’t want people to see, it goes right here. Also, at the back, we have a 12V key powered power outlet. And there are tie-downs on here to hold cargo down in place. As for seats, in this particular unit, they are flat-fold so they can go right flat so you can haul a huge amount more cargo with the seats down, front and back. They also can move forward and back depending on the room you need upfront. So these are adjustable seats in the back which many units don’t have. In the floor, you’ll see here, nice storage area. And this has it on both sides. In the back, this little tray comes right out. So you can wash it, and clean it. You can throw ice in here, and store sandwiches, and stuff. You’ll also notice in the back here. It has a 110V outlet that handles 150W. Plus a 12V outlet that’s hooked onto the battery so the powers here all the time.

This unit it is equipped with a tilt-telescopic steering wheel so you can set it in the most comfortable position for your driving habits. It also has the audio controls on the back of the steering wheel. It has an information center, as we’ll scroll through it. You got vehicle– We’ll go up to the top of the board here. There’s a fuel economy screen you can watch to figure out how much fuel you’re using as you’re driving up and down the road.  It also has a vehicle speed here which can be easily switched to miles/hour just by hitting the arrow button to the inside of the wheel. It also has trip information. Tire KPAs in here. It shows all the tire pressure, so you know all your tire pressures. It has vehicle information here, which is coolant, oil temp, oil pressure, transmission temp, and engine hours on this particular screen. And it has an ambient oil change monitor on it, so it will tell you when it’s ready for an oil change.

Moving to the center of the stack here, we have an 8.4″ touch. This one is nav ready, but it doesn’t have the nav on this particular unit. We’ve got AM/FM radio. It has AM/FM radio, plus this is satellite equipped. Right now, of course, you’d have to renew at this particular time because the satellite is up as far as the contract is concerned. You also have a USB port here for outsourcing different music. You have a CD slot here to put the CD into play also. Of course, inside here we also have a USB port for charging your phone. Plus another 12-volt power outlet that runs off the battery. And of course, lots of storage in this center stack also.

As far as controls go, you have heated seats in this particular unit. Being it’s cloth, it’s a little unusual. You also have a heated steering wheel. As you can see this is how you turn your power on. As for climate control its dual, for the passenger, and the driver. You also have the UConnect cell phone capability. You can program your cell phone into this unit. And there is a bunch of personal settings you can set up at this time. As far as the heating area is concerned, you can also control it from down here.

It also has a universal garage door opener. You can program your receiver right into here, leave the receiver in the house, and you can access your garage door opener right through this vehicle. So you don’t have to have your receiver.

This locally owned unit has been very well maintained. It has a 3.6L V6 in it, which gives you good fuel economy, and a 6-speed automatic.

So if you want to come see this beautiful locally owned, low kilometer unit, it is the 2013 Dodge Journey SXT Front-wheel drive. You can call us at Legacy Dodge here in Claresholm, on the toll-free, 1877-625-4555. Or you can call us locally, 403-625-4555.

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