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2014 Ram 1500 Longhorn Crew | Claresholm, AB

Hi, John here at Legacy Dodge Claresholm. this 2014 Ram 1500 Longhorn Crew. Unit number is T0317A. It’s deep cherry red. We’re selling this for $42,995. And under the hood, under the hood, here we have a 3-liter Turbo diesel V6. It has 240 horsepower and 420 ft. lb. of torque, teamed up with an 8-speed automatic transmission which will give you outstanding fuel economy. As you can see, this is the Longhorn edition, it comes with the Chrome tube steps and this is unique to the Longhorn those 20-inch rims on there. The Longhorn comes standard with a spray-in bedliner from the factory. It’s part of the package. This particular unit comes standard also with the back-up camera and a Power locking tailgate. As you can see, it locks up. Unlock it, and we got it unlocked here. It has back-up sensors across the back bumper 4 and 7-pin wiring, the class 4 receiver. The Longhorn comes with these special seats in canyon brown and it’s a base combination on the interior. High premium seats where they have the base piping on them. They are heated as you can see in the back here, we have heated rear seats. It has a flat-loading floor that comes underneath the rear seats, also, on both sides. And also, there’s a storage compartment in the floor here as you can see. It can be, there’s a liner in it so it can be used as a cooler if you wish. Another part of that Longhorn package is this special buckles and mat covers, compartments.

This particular unit has passive entry and push button start. It doesn’t matter if you’re not having your keys in your pocket, you can open the door like this and you’re on the (inaudible). So push button start so the keys never come out of your pocket. You can see that special Longhorn interior here with the wood green and the high-raised stitching here on the side. Comes with a Power chair on the driver side with 2 memory positions and it comes with automatic headlights. Okay, this unit of course has your audio controls at the back of the steering wheel. This is how you navigate through your system instrumentation in the system. Here, as you can go through and check the information on the motor, trip A, trip B, this sort of thing. It has a..it keeps track of your oil changes and the percentage and your fuel filters in this case too being a Diesel. Now, you can change shift your transmission up and down right here with the plus/minus and of course your cruise control is right on the steering wheel. Good moving into the center stack, we have an 8.4 touch with Navigation. As you can see here and it has your touch screen all across the bottom of this app Nav and you can also program a bunch of cellphones in through using UConnect system. This particular unit of course has touchscreen on your media center which is in here. You use an SD card right here, USB memory stick or an auxiliary port to put music through the sound system using that. Also has USB outlet to charge your phone and also a nice storage below here. This particular one has a remote CD player in it. You can shove a single CD in and play it through the system. As you can see here, we’ve got controls. You’ve got your heated seats and your heated steering wheel, cooled seats, 2 is also in the front.

You have dual controls as far as the climate goes. You can have the climate on here or you can manipulate climate through here. Same with the audio, you can do the audio through here or you can do it through the touchscreen and such here. And oh, we’ve got an integrated brake controller, comes standard on this particular unit and there’s also your heated and cooled seats controls here. It’s got ParkSense front and rear you can turn them on and off right here when you’re pulling a trailer or when so deep, covered up with snow and stuff, sometimes you have to turn them off. It has auto 4-wheel drive on this particular unit plus the 4, the 2-wheel drive, the 4 lock and the 4 low. Auto, put it in auto and forget it, you don’t have to worry about whether the roads are dry or icy. It will automatically go into 4-wheel drive position. Also comes with a 115-volt outlet and as you can see, they’re right here, you can see the scrolling and stuff in this Longhorn edition and it has all way across. Double glove box front and upper and lower. This unit has a universal garage door, open up, Power sliding rear window and this one does have the Sunroof as you can see. You want to come and see this unit and test drive it, it’s unit number T0317A. It’s the 2014 Ram 1500 Longhorn Crew in deep cherry red. You can call us at 1877-625-4555 or locally, 403-625-4555.

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