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2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara | Claresholm, AB

Hi, I’m John here from Legacy Dodge Claresholm. I’m here to show you this 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara. Unit no.T-0381. It’s called the Winter edition.

As you can see, the Winter edition has the special bumper on the front of it here. Special black wheels it’s got on it here. And it comes with this black cover for your fuel lid. The rear bumper’s also a special bumper with the piping and the tubing on it.

This particular one has a Class II receiver with a 4-pin wiring. Continuing on with the Winter edition, you have some more detailing on the sides as you can see, in the Matte Black.

One of the options on this particular unit is the headlights on here. You can see, they’re special design, they’re LED headlights. It’s got the LED fog lights. It’s called an LED package. This one also has the low beam and day time running lights as an option.

Under the hood we have a 3.6 liter V6 Pentastar. It’s mated up with the 6-speed manual transmission in this particular Jeep. It gives you very good fuel mileage and excellent power, 283 Horsepower which is a lot more than what the older Jeeps used to have.

As you can see, in this particular unit it has lots of space in the back there and a 4-door. It has special floor mats on there. We’ve got a little bit of storage in the back where the jack’s located.

It’s got a special sound system with 276W amplifier in it. There’s a subwoofer in the back here. We have very comfortable seating for five. These seats will fold right flat here so you got lots of room to haul, whatever your camping equipment, there’s storage area, and still seat a person or two in the back. You got room for more than two people in here.

As you can see, your sound system’s right up here. This particular one’s loaded with an optional headliner which keeps you a little bit warmer in the winter time. This headliner is an option on this vehicle.

This particular unit has UConnect for your cell phone. It has an information center and it’s right in the dash here. You can navigate through this particular point. Audio controls on the back of the steering wheel.

Just a quick look at the gauges here. Here’s a take-off on that Winter edition type with the detailing on the instrumentation on where the RPM pack is, here. We have, of course, the tilt on this one.

As mentioned before it has the audio controls on the back. This particular unit has navigation, as you can see here, so you can put your destination in there. You can do it by a bunch of different ways also. Points of interests, favorites, recently traveled areas. Also, you can do Geo co-ordinates if you’re far off the road. While up in the mountains, you can put your Geo co-ordinates where you want to go and it will tell you a way to get there.

It has Sirius Satellite Radio for one year from point of purchase, plus AM/FM radio. The USB port here. You can load background pictures in this area here. You can run your music machines like iPod, and stuff through this auxiliary port, through this system.

It has the automatic air, heat, and temperature controls right down below here which also includes air filtering and a humidity sensor. This particular unit has heated front seats as you can see by the buttons here. It has power windows, power mirrors and it has power locks.

There is your 6-speed manual. The 4×4 system is a Command-Trac system which is famous in the Jeeps. And you can flat tow this particular one behind the [motor home] if you happen to want to.

This one has a hard top on it. It’s a [3-styled top], so you can take just one top off, or both tops off and you got yourself a full convertible. Very easy to do. And you can store the tops in the back when you’re not using them.

We have lots of storage here. You see, a very big glove box. You have another area in here where it’s got lots of storage space right here. You have an 110V outlet which is right below, in here. So you can plug in upto 150W, and power it that way. You also have another power outlet here which runs off the key on 12V system.

If you want to come and see this unit and test drive it, you certainly can. Unit no. is D-0381. This one starts at $51,530. You can contact us via phone at 1877-625-4555, toll free. Or you can phone us locally at 403-625-4555. Come and book a test drive on this beautiful 2017 Jeep Sahara Unlimited Winter edition.

Sales Team
Legacy Dodge Claresholm



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