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2015 Dodge Journey SXT | Never Been Driven | Claresholm, AB

Hi, I’m John here from Legacy Dodge Claresholm.

I’m here to show you this brand new 2015 Dodge Journey SXT. This has got front wheel drive. It’s in the pitch black colour, as you can see.

The SXT has the aluminium wheels. Roof rack, of course on this particular unit.

Moving to the back here, we have lots of room for hauling stuff. This happens to be a 5-passenger. You can also get these in 7-passenger. We have a huge storage area underneath. Of course, here’s where you access your spare tire which comes out from below.

Also, back here we have a 12V power outlet. This particular unit has a tonneau cover, so if you’ve got something in the back that you’ve bought in the city, and you don’t want anybody to see it while you’re parking in a parking lot, you just pull the tonneau cover up, and it’s out of sight, out of mind. That tonneau cover does also come out as telescopic.

Here, we have a lever, you can recline these back seats up to 12 degrees, and also, it would fold right flat so it gives you a huge volume area for hauling cargo. Being a 40/60 split, you can do either seat down, or both seats down, or any combination.

A neat storage feature on these Journeys, you remove the floor mat right here. As you can see, we have a large storage area. That bin will come out. It’s like a little ice chest in there, so you can store sandwiches in there, with ice. And when you want it empty, you can empty it out by pulling that tray out and dumping it on the floor. It’s got that feature on both sides.

As you can see, in the centre stack here, we have a 12V power outlet that runs off the battery, and an 115V power outlet that will handle up to 150W.

On these Journeys, you’ve got what is called Passive Entry. The keys are in your pocket, all you do is stick your hand on the door, and it’s unlocked. It has a push button start, and when you get out, still with the keys in your pocket, you just push that lock button, and away you go.

The push button start, put your foot on the brake, push the button, and away it goes.

These have automatic headlights. The information centre is right here. As you can see, on that centre stack, we can move up and down, select wherever you want to be, fuel economy, or you can select tire KPAs, you can go in and take a look. Vehicle information, you just enter into it, and you scroll through and take a look at all the vehicle information there.

Also, on the steering wheel, you can access UConnect for your cell phone. It has Bluetooth capability. Cruise Control, very handy here, right on the steering wheel. This has audio controls on the steering wheel. You can control your radio right from the steering wheel. This particular unit, as you can see, has got– Sirius Satellite Radio, this particular unit has. AM/FM, Sirius Satellite Radio.

Down, inside of here, you can use the memory stick in here, or an audio plug for your iPods. It also has a 12V power outlet that runs off the battery.

This has a 6-speed automatic. As you can see here, we can shift it up and down manually if you wish. It has a CD player which you would access in this area here.

Climate controls are all right there, plus, your radio controls are here also. This has individual map lights which you can directionalize on it. It also has a feature on here, you can program your garage door into it, right here, up to three unit.

A nice little feature here is the conversation mirror. You can chat with people in the back. It also doubles up as a sunglass holder.

Under the hood, we have 3.6-litre VVT V6. It’s 3rd generation, very good horsepower, very good fuel economy. You can get up to 9.4 litres for 100kms on the highway. It’s mated with the 6-speed automatic transmission. This also helps the fuel economy tremendously.

You want to take it for a test drive, or come in and take a look at this unit, give us a call at 1877-625-4555, or locally, you can call us on 403-625-4555.

Come and take a look at this brand new 2015 SXT. It’s very, very well priced. Drive it out the door.

Sales Team
Legacy Dodge Claresholm



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