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2016 Jeep Cherokee North | Chrome Accents | Claresholm, AB

Hi, I’m John here from Legacy Dodge Claresholm. I’m here to show you this 2016 Jeep Cherokee North 4×4. It’s in Black Crystal. The unit no. is T-0254. Listed at $39,005.

As you can see, the North package has aluminium wheels. It has the chrome trim around the door. The North package.

This unit has a power lift gate. Just push the button, and it powers up. Of course, if we go inside here, when you want to close it, it powers down with the button right here.

This unit has storage area underneath here. As you can see, spare tires. nice and clean. This unit has a tonneau cover. Perfect in the big city, hauling some expensive stuff back and forth. It also has the racking system here. You can hang your grocery bags on this rack here, and keep some up off the ground, so you can find the handles quite easily. Just the push of the button closes the liftgate. As you can see, this unit has a backup camera.

Moving to the second-row seating, it is a 40/60 split. If you got lots of cargo, and you don’t have many passengers, one flip of this lever brings the seats down, and you can have it in any combination, either all down, one up, one down, whatever you like. Also, this seat will recline up to 12 degrees if you pull this lever right here.

Moving to the back– Moving into the front here, we have a power chair on the driver’s side with power lumbar. This unit has automatic headlights as you can see here. One touch auto, up and down, on the power windows.

We’ll move inside now. As for storage areas, this does have storage in the passenger seat. Out of sight, out of mind stuff. It has a very large glove box. Plus we have storage in here, a little shelf right here. And we have lots of storage down below.

It also has a USB outlet to charge your phone and a 12V power outlet that runs off the battery if you have any adaptors for 12V. You’ll notice here. It has electric park brake which is unique to this particular unit.

We get into the Select Terrain system here, and it’s got an auto, snow, sports mode, and sand mode. It’s in automatic all the time. That automatic one is only on demand as to send power to the rear wheels, and the drive shaft does not drive unless it needs the power to the rear wheel, so as to save fuel.

We also have an SD card reader, an USB port, an auxiliary port, and you can do your climate control right through this particular one. And then up here, we got the volume on the radio.

This has got a stop/start system. You pull up to a light, and the conditions are right, the engine will shut down, you’ll have power, as soon as you take off your foot of the brake, it instantaneously starts and away you go. There’s a push start unit, as you can see here.

You have your UConnect, cell phone, and everything up on this steering wheel. We have an information centre in the inside here, where you’ve got various things inside that information centre. You get trip odometer, of course, fuel economy is here.

When we get into here, it’s all of the information on the engine, also in there. Cruise Control, very handy, right here.

This unit has an 8.4 touch, it is Nav capable. This particular unit doesn’t have Nav but it can be added very easily at the dealership.

Also, you can run your control, and you can run your radio, your AM/FM, Sirius Satellite Radio for one full year. The media centre which we get into down below here. We got controls for the heated seats and heated steering wheel. There’s your climate control, you can do it on the touch screen, or you can do it down below here like we pointed out before. Your cell phone can be added here, up to 6 or 7 can be added right here in this unit.

If you want to come and see this 2016 Cherokee North, in Crystal Black– Black Crystal Metallic, give us a call at Legacy Dodge here in Claresholm. The local no. is 403-625-4555. The toll-free no. is 1877-625-4555.

Come and see this brand new, beautiful 2016 Cherokee North.

Sales Team
Legacy Dodge Claresholm



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