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2016 Dodge Grand Caravan | Until January 16th | 30% Off MSRP Pricing | Claresholm, AB

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Hi, I’m John here from Legacy Dodge in Claresholm. I’d like to show you this 2016 Grand Caravan SXT, as you can see it’s in black.

We have a very special pricing on this unit until January 16th; it is 30 percent off MSRP. MSRP on this unit is $40,040, with that 30 percent off it brings the pricing down to $29,813.

Some of the features, its got the SXT Plus package which gives you the aluminium wheel. As you can see it’s got hideaway cross roof rails on the top of this unit. Moving around to the back, in the back here we have the third row Stow n’ Go seating, very easy to do. Just follow the 1-2-3, and it’s on the floor. Of course, when the unit is up it also has a huge storage well in the back area right back here.

The Dodge Grand Caravan is very famous for Stow n Go in the second row I’ll just give you a bit of a demo how that works. It’s a matter of moving the floor mats, lifting this seat up right here, and as you can see right on the side there’s a lever on this seat, you just give it a push and pop it in the floor just like that. You close the unit up, and you can open up the whole back of this thing. It will handle up to a four-by-eight sheet of building material, plywood and of course you’ve got lots of cargo room.

When you need the seating, of course, open it back up here, grab the back handle down here and just a note here you can see the huge storage area that’s in here when the seats are up that you can use for storage. When you pull it out of the bottom and comes back up like this you flip it up like so, and head rests popped back into place, and away you go. So now you’re set for passengers.

If you want we’ll just slip around the other side here. This van is equipped with rear heat and air. You have the heat there in the front, of course, you have vents in the second row and vents in the third row. The controls for the rear heat and air are right up here, and this particular unit has a DVD system in it for the kids. It comes with two, comes with a remote and two wireless headphones, and you can also play music on it as you can see on the screen.

This is a particular van is equipped with a bit of an Information Center, as you can see it’s got the temperature on there now. Also, has the odometer readings in there and you’re A and B trip show up there. It also has a distance to empty as far as your fuel is concerned, and then you can go digitally with your km/h and then it also gives you your average fuel consumption back to the temperature.

This one has the audio controls on the back so you can control your radio of course and this has the autostick transmission, where you can shift it up or down. It has 3.6 liter V6 in it with the six-speed automatic transmission.

Moving over to the infotainment system. This particular one has AM/FM of course and Sirius Satellite Radio for one full year. You also have the capability of programming your cell phone in there as you can see by the phone button here and you can program your cell phone in and of course it’s a hands-free system on there now. Also your DVD system here, that’s where you load your DVD for the back for the family there to watch your movies and stuff will be loaded right into there. This also has a hard drive system where you can load pictures in for background; you can also load your CDs in here in the hard drive, put 30 or 40 CDs in there, so you don’t have to pack all those CDs with you when you go.

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Moving down below, here are your heat and air and its individual for the left or the right side of the course, and it’s all right in the center area here. The front passengers can control the heat and air for the rear if they don’t want the kids playing with it in the back. Now this particular one has an Econo button on it, and what that does when you put it on economy, it saves fuel changing the shift patterns in your transmission, and it may miss a gear and jump up a gear just to save fuel. It may hold in the position a little bit longer or release a little bit quicker. We have a 115-volt power outlet which is turned on right at this point in time, and it’s a located back on the B-pillar. That 115-volt outlet and it’s good for 150 watts.

The other thing here is the electronic stability program and what that does is it corrects your understeer or oversteer and gets you back on your intended path. As far as storage area goes here, of course, we got the cup holders inside here; there’s a storage bin here and a small one here, plus this storage area here with more cup holders and so forth. This one is equipped with two glove boxes; there’s a USB port in there also to hook up your sound system so can play through the system. It has a double glove box below little bit of conversation mirror here to keep an eye on the kids in the back is right up there, and it will also hold your sunglasses.

Once again a reminder on special pricing. Until January 16th, 30 percent off the MSRP which in this case lowers the $42,040 van down to $29,813 a fantastic buy.

If you want to see this van and take it for a test-drive, come see us here at Legacy Dodge in Claresholm. The phone numbers here are 1 877 625 4555 and locally at 403 625 4555.

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