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2016 Jeep Cherokee North | Until January 16th | 20% Off MSRP Pricing | Claresholm, AB

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Hi, I’m John here from Legacy Dodge in Claresholm. I’d like to show you this brand-new 2016 Cherokee NorthThis month we’ve got a special MSRP pricing which is 20 percent off, and this brings this unit down to $31,024. This unit has under the hood 3.6 liter V6 third-generation a very good motor with great fuel economy, and it has the 9-speed automatic transmission in it.

Moving on to the back of this unit we have a backup camera here, and it’s got a power liftgate. As you can see the unit has a what we call a tonneau cover, you can put stuff and load stuff in the back, and it’s out of sight out of mind. Also, has very comfortable four-passenger seating and you can fit five into this unit.

The storage area here is very nice, and the spare tire is kept underneath out of the way with the jack, so it doesn’t get all dirty, and stuff, when you’re driving down the road, keeps it from underneath.

This unit is equipped with passive entry, you can leave the keys in your pocket, or your purse put your hand in the door, and it’s unlocked when you’re getting out of the unit you can also push the lock button, and you can also lock without taking keys out of your pursue. This unit also has remote start so very easy access to the remote start. The key fob also has the button to lift and open your power tailgate lock and unlock on that particular position.

Now inside this unit, it has a power seat on the driver’s side with the 4-way power lumbar, so you’ve got very comfortable seating. In this particular unit, it has the automatic headlights on it. It also has the instrumentation in the center here we’ll go inside and take a look at it.

This unit has an instrumentation tells you all about the vehicle inside here. As you can see on display in the instrumentation panel it gives you tire pressure, your coolant temperature, transmission temperature, your oil temperature, your oil life is on here, your battery voltages on here and then there’s the tire pressure again. To get back out of there, we then have speedometer you can switch it from miles per hour to kilometers.

At this point in time, you can set up your screen on the inside here to whatever you want in the four corners. Stores messages like it’s time for an oil change and stuff. It’s got the audio screen.

This particular unit has stop/start, in other words, you’re driving up to a stop sign if the condition are right the engine will shut right down as soon as you take your foot off the brake it instantaneously starts to save fuel. This feature can be turned off if you wish right over at this point time and you don’t have to use it, but it is a good fuel saving feature. There are audio controls on the back of the steering wheel on this unit plus of course your cruise control. It has Uconnect for your cell phone also you can program up to six or seven cell phones in this particular unit.

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This particular unit, of course, has AM/FM radio and Sirius Satellite for one full year. It also has a media center on here where you can run audio instruments through the USB port. There’s also a USB charging port which is back down inside of here and also a 12-volt power outlet that runs off the battery inside of here. Also a nice storage area of course.

We also have the heat controls; it’s got heated seats in the front and heated steering wheel you can see we got the controls for it here. The climate control right up in this area or you can run the climate control off of down the instruments down below here on the instrumentation paddle in the center stack. Also, there’s an app screen here that you can get into here. The settings screen you can set up and personalize this vehicle the way you want in that app screen. The climate is here, and of course, you can program your cellphone’s into it so a complete unit in this unit 8.4 touch multimedia center. It also has NAV capable navigation could be added onto this at any time you’re going to the dealership here.

Now we’re moving down here; this has select terrain. It’s got on auto all the time, so it’s on the main system where it senses slippage it will send power to the front or rear if needed when it’s not engaged, the driveshaft does not spin, so it saves on fuel. It only engages when it’s needed. Also, you can see there’s a snow mode on that select terrain and a sport mode and a sand and mud mode down beside it. You’ll see the media center with the USB ports there’s a slot for an SD card reader, there’s an auxiliary port.

This particular unit has an electric e-brake rather than the old pull up e-brake manual one, and that is located right here. Very easy to do just push it down to engage it and when you want to unlock it, just pull it back up again. As you can see it has illuminated cup holders and this nice storage area.

Moving back outside the vehicle on the driver’s side here we have a seat we can height adjust for manually height adjuster. Of course the back area here for the tilt on it and there’s real neat feature here. You’ve got a storage underneath this seat here out of sight, out of mind storage for purses and binoculars or whatever you’re carrying with you.

Moving to the back seat area, we have vents in the back here. It also has a 115 volt power outlet down here, so we have the heat vents here, center cupholders just drop down out the side and the seats, of course, will fold right flat so if you’ve got larger long cargo and need to haul cargo and people you’ve got very good flexibility to do so.

Once again this 2016 Cherokee North brand-new is on a very special pricing from now until the 16th of January it’s called a 20 percent MSRP discount and that brings this unit down to $31,024, originally it was $38,780.

If you want to see this vehicle and take it for a test-drive  come and see us here at Legacy Dodge in Claresholm. The toll-free phone number is 1 877 625 4555 and locally, of course, is 403 625 4555. Come and take a look at this beautiful 2016 Cherokee North.

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