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2017 Dodge Charger Review | Claresholm, AB

Hi, I’m John here from Legacy Dodge Claresholm.  I’m here to show you this brand-new 2017 Dodge Charger SE all-wheel drive in a beautiful red line pearl colour. This particular unit has the 3.6L V6, about 305 Horsepower.

Going around to the side here, this unit is also equipped with what we call Passive entry. I have the keys in my pocket, and all I have to do is put my hand on the door handle and it will unlock. Of course, it’s got a push button start. Passive entry doesn’t end there. Also, at the back here, there’s a button on the back to release the trunk with this passive entry. Just push the button and the trunk is opened up right here.

While we’re in the trunk, I’d like to show you one of the features on this particular unit. It has a spare tire and battery in the rear. And it is a rear wheel drive, so that gives it more weight, 55% on the front, and 45% on the back, for traction.

The all-wheel drive system is, there’s no input from yourself, when it senses slippage, it sends a power to the front wheels automatically for very nice traction in winter driving conditions.  On the inside of this vehicle, there is comfortable seating here for five on this particular unit. One of the features it does have if you’re hauling something very long, this split 40-60 split in the back does fold down, so you can put long stuff in the back, and carry it when you don’t have passengers in there.

Moving to the front of the vehicle, this unit of course has power locks, windows, and mirrors, as you can see here. Plus it has the automatic headlights. It has a power seat on the driver side with these bucket seats here.

This particular unit has a sunroof. As you can see, when you open the sunroof you got a nice screen that comes out front over here for that nice summer driving, and you get that open air effect.

The options in this particular one is called Popular Equipment Group. It has Sirius satellite radio. It has ParkSense, rear Park Assist. And as you can see, it has these sensors on the back of the unit here, so when you’re backing up you can’t see something behind you, you certainly can hear the noise, and it will give you a rough idea exactly where you’re at when you’re backing up.

This particular unit of course has the audio controls on the back of the steering wheel here, for your radio. It has an Information Center. As you can see in this center part, there’s an audio screen. Here is a trip A screen, which you can certainly clear it to 0 just by holding it down. It has a trip B, so your fuel economy screen right here, where it tells your average fuel consumption, your range to empty.

It also has a Vehicle Information Center. When you get in here, there’s all your tire pressures, there’s your coolant, transmission, temperature oil temp, oil pressure, oil life monitor. Here, it will tell you when it’s ready for an oil change, and this also tells you it’s in rear-wheel drive at the present time.

And then we’re back to battery voltage and back to tire pressure. We get out of there, we can scroll up. Speedometer is digital here, can be changed to miles/hour just by a push of a button, and this you can have the setup screen, where you can put what you want in the four corners here as far as range to empty, temperature, direction, and such can be set up in the screen.

And then there’s a message center here telling you, any messages that need to be addressed, such as oil changes such come up in this one.

That’s back to the audio screen. Moving across here, of course we have our Cruise Control on the steering wheel. This one has the UConnect system here for entering your cell phone into which you can put 6 to 7 units into.

Moving across the radio, we have the outside temperature and clock, and there’s a setting you can personally set it up, personally set up the unit for your personal use type thing on this setup.

As you can see, voice display, clock, and date are all in here, and all these options could be set up the way you personally want to have them.

It of course has AM/FM, and Satellite Sirius radio. Comes with this unit for one full year. Your individual temperature controls for the driver and the passenger down here, which you can control here, or up on the touchscreen.

It also has the audio system here. You can control it from here, or you can also control it on the touchscreen. As you can see, in the touch screen here you can go to audio and such stuff. Dual control’s basically there.

If you have to turn off your rear parking sensors right here, there’s a button to do so. In some situations when you want– This particular unit has an 8-speed automatic transmission. As you can see, the shifters, and center console. We have a power outlet, 12-volt that runs off the key. Also, here’s my cell coverage area where your cup holders are.

And of course a little storage area down here. You get into the center stack here, we have another power outlet in here that runs off the battery. Plus we have one for an SD card reader, USB port, and we have an auxillary port so that you can run your music. Music storage systems can be run through the radio right at this point in time.

Besides the storage area, we have here, and right in this area, we have a great huge glove box on this unit. As you can see, you can store lots of stuff in that glove box for storage.

Going to the overhead, here you can program your garage door opener and of course, here’s the controls for the sunroof, right here in this area too.

Moving back up front here, we just got the hood opened there. This is that power plant we were talking about, it’s a 3.6L V6. It’s a Pentastar engine that has won 3 years in a row in the world’s 10 best engines. Fuel economy is tremendous on it, and very decent horsepower of 305 for this particular unit. And it’s teamed up with that 8-speed automatic transmission.

We’ve got this unit in our showroom. If you want to come down and take a look at it, a very beautiful Charger SE 2017 all-wheel drive, which is really helping the winter driving around this area, you can contact us toll-free at 1877-625-4555, or you can call us locally at 403-625-4555.

Come in and take a look at it and see the numbers on this particular unit. It’s unit no. C-00010.

Sales Team
Legacy Dodge Claresholm



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