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2017 Jeep Cherokee Overland | Claresholm, AB

Hi, I’m John here from Legacy Dodge Claresholm. I’m here to show you this brand new 2017 Jeep Cherokee Overland.

The Overland Trim Level is brand new for this year. Unit no. is T-0341. It’s priced at $47,955 plus tax and fees.

You can see, the Overland Trim has the bright aluminium wheels to it. It comes standard with the Park Sense, front and rear. And you’ll notice the chrome trim and different fascia on the front here.

Coming around to the back, This colour is called Deep Cherry Red. Very, very nice car, it’s equipped with the backup camera also.

This particular unit has the Trailer Tow Prep package on it. It will tow up to 4500 pounds. This unit has a 3.2L V6 Pentastar engine. A very good engine mated up with a 9-speed automatic transmission.

And as you can see, this unit has what we call Passive entry. Just put your hand in the hand hold, and it opens up immediately, leaving the keys in your pocket. When you get out, you can also lock this unit by just pushing that lock there. That passive entry continues around here, on the back of the unit. With the keys in your pocket, again, just push that button, it’s up underneath there.

And we have a power lifting lift gate there. This is a 5-passenger unit. It comes standard with a cover for the rear storage area. And it does have a rear storage area of course, as you see right here.

Spare tire and everything is underneath, with the jacks also, to pile up the mud and the dirt. It also comes with a set of grocery bag, and a set of hooks are on this Cargo Management System, as it’s called.

It also has a tonneau cover in the back. You can get something out of here; you don’t want people to see inside when you are in the city, you can just pull the tonneau cover over. Out of sight, out of mind.

Once again, there’s the power lift gate. Here in the rear seating area, of course, these seats will come right down. It’s got a 40:60 split, and we can fold the seats right flat. So if you’re carrying more cargo than passengers, you certainly got lots of room for that sort of thing.

Very nice leather finish with perforated inserts in here, as you can see on the seats. A 115V power outlet here at the back. And the cup holders just pop down here. There is a head rest for that third person in the back row here.

This Overland Trim Level has lots of features. As you can see, the chrome trim on the steering wheel. Around the center stack, there’s chrome. Around your shifter, there’s chrome. Also, there’s a step plate here, as you can see this says Jeep on it, it’s also chrome.

This unit has memory seats, as you can see for two positions, for the passenger. It has a power lumbar that moves up and down, and, in and out on this particular unit. This unit, to go along with the passive entry has push button start. Just a matter of pushing the button, and it will start it here.

These units come with a lot of safety features. Just a few of them, we have Ford Collision Warning, with Active Braking. We have Advance Brake Assist which helps you out if they figure you’re not pushing the brake hard enough. It has rain-sensitive wipers and automatic headlights. It has Lane Departure Warning. Lane Keep Assist, if you wander out of the lanes. You got the lines along there, a couple of cameras watch that, and they’ll give you a real jerk to tell you if you’re wandering out of your lane.

I mentioned it has automatic high beams. It has Adaptive Cruise Control. Adaptive cruise control, you can set the distance between you and the next vehicle when you’re on the freeways, and stuff. And it will maintain that distance at all times. So if somebody speeds up in front of you, it will just maintain that same distance. Somebody slows down; it will slow down to maintain that distance for you.

It also has parallel and perpendicular Park Assist. It’s just a matter of lining it up there, and it will take over the steering part, you control the throttle, and you control the gear shift, and it will be perpendicular or parallel park you. So loaded with safety features this particular one.

Dimension to Trailer Tow Prep package already. It has a wireless charging pad for your cell phone in this particular unit. It also has a single disc CD player which is mounted right inside the stack here. As you can see, while we are in here, we have a USB port to charge your phone. Plus a 12V outlet that runs off the battery. There’s your wireless charging pad for your cell phones. You can charge it wirelessly which is a very nice feature. You don’t have to plug it in.

This has Select Track system on here. It’s on automatic all the time. If it doesn’t need the 4-wheel drive, the drive shaft does not turn around, so it saves you on fuel. And it automatically, as soon as it senses slippage, it will send the power to the rear wheels. It’s very automatic, and of course, there’s a snow mode, a smart mode, and a sand/mud mode. And what those will do is just change the shift patterns in your transmission, so it holds a little longer in some gears, or maybe a little less.

The sport mode gives you 4-wheel drives, when you’re driving through the mountains on a winding road, you get a real nice feel to it. Electronic key brake on this particular one rather than your old manual brake. Your Information System down here has a SD card reader, an USB port, and an auxiliary port. Also, you can run your music through these particular systems if you wish, and you can go through the main system.

This particular unit also has dual heat and air, for the passenger, and the driver. It also has navigation, as you can see here. There’s the map view of it here so you can program it. It’s a Garmin system, very easy to use.

It has the audio controls for the radio at the back here. As you can see, it also has AM/FM radio, and Sirius Satellite for one full year. The media center pertains to the USB ports and the disk of course, and the SD card reader port’s on that one here.

It has a bunch of apps in here. If you’re using some apps more than the others, they can be dragged and dropped in any one of these positions. So it’s very flexible. And then, of course, you can set up all your personal settings in this particular unit. You can program up to 6 or 7 cell phones in here.

Moving across the bottom, this is the Park Assist. Front and rear can be turned off from right on here. There’s your Lane Keep Assist, which is off right now. But as soon as you get to driving, that indicates whether it’s off or on. And there’s your Forward Collision Warning. You can set it up for it.

This has the stop/start option on it. When you pull up to a stop sign, you can continue to have power, but the engine shuts off to save fuel. So you get the stop and go in city driving. It will save you quite a bit of fuel. But you don’t have to use it. You can override it by turning it off.

Few of the other features. It has a programmer where you can program your garage door opener into it. We have a nice little cover up here for your sunglasses. And of course the individual lights. They use a lot of LEDs in these things. So it’s a very good lighting system in here.

Little storage bays, like sachets up in front here. Plus a huge glove box. As you can see, it goes way back there. Lots of storage in that particular area in there.

If you would like to test drive this unit, you can give us a call at 1877-625-4555. Long distance callers, and for local, you could certainly call at 403-625-4555. Come and see this beautiful 2017 Jeep Cherokee Overland. In the Deep Cherry Red. A gorgeous vehicle. Should fit just about everybody’s needs. Thank you.

Sales Team
Legacy Dodge Claresholm



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