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2017 Ram 1500 Quad Cab Express Package | Claresholm, AB

Hi, John here from Legacy Dodge Claresholm. I’d like to show you this brand new 2017 Ram 1500 Quad Cab with some new express package on it, Express being the coloured grille, body coloured grille, body coloured front bumper and body coloured rear bumper. This particular one has the 20-inch aluminium wheels. As you can see the door’s handle is a quad cab. As you can see This one has very nice red pearl colour. Very metallic very deep colour. This unit is D0329, it’s a 2017 and just hit our lot. Okay, that express package also has, you see I told you has coloured bumper front and rear. It also has a nice dual exhaust with chrome tips on it. This unit comes with the 4 and 7 wiring and a class five receiver.

We move around to the front and get under the hood underneath the hood of this express quad cab is a 5.7L V8 Hemi engine. It comes with 390 horsepower and about 400 foot-pounds of torque. It is teamed up with an eight-speed automatic transmission, so it gives you very good fuel mileage and very comfortable power of course. It is a quad cab, so there is seating in the second-row seat. And it’s got a full bench in the back with storage underneath the seats. Now moving to the front, I just expect the box and power mirrors. The front two windows or power automatic up and down, On the unit, it does have automatic headlights if you can see. It has a 40-20. 40 split bench seats in the front. Okay, this unit, of course, is equipped with you connect for your cell phones so you can program your cellphones right into the unit and you don’t have to add your other hands-free system when somebody calls you when you’re on the road. The access to the cellphone is right here on the steering wheel plus as you can see, there is an information centre in the front of this unit here. It is a digital speedometer here, and you can change it to miles per hour quite easily with just a push of a button Through there, and there’s more information of course in this system. You have the speedometer, of course; we just went through that you have the vehicle information system which gives you engine hours, gives you tire pressure transmission temperature, oil pressure oil temperature and it also gives you an oil life monitor. In this particular one, it gives your voltage of your battery, and it also gives you a gauze summary there, and it has idling hours and driving hours on this particular unit also there’s a fuel economy screen you can go to or just navigating through push point on your steering wheel.

There’s also your trip A and trip B There’s also one very easy to reset by push of one of these buttons here. It also has a message center, it tells you when it’s ready for an oil change there’ll be a message come up in there, and you can access it and it has a screen setup. With that 8 speed transmission you can shift it up or down right on the steering wheel just above the cruise control right on this particular unit as you can see it’s got push button four wheel drive, it’s in two wheel drive, four lock four low and this is a dial to shift your transmissions right here on the dash. This particular unit has tow haul mode if you’re pulling a trailer You just access that button there and you can change your shift pattern so when you’re towing something. It’s going to perform quite a bit better. Now it also has electronic stability program What that does is correct understeer and oversteer And if you get in deep snow and you want to turn it off There is an off button for that electronic stability program. Of course here are your climate control buttons We get into the It has an AM/FM radio plus via satellite for 1 year There’s a media center in here Where you can plug in a USB music device. Or one that has an auxiliary port.

You also have a 12 Volt outlet here that runs off the battery inside here that 40-20 split also gives you the three cup holders here. As for our power outlets here, There’s another 12 volt that runs off the key And another USB port with which you can probably charge your cellphones on. You can personalize this unit by going into the settings mode, and you can go through the short command list, and there’s a whole bunch of stuff. You can change the date and time, and safety in the systems whole bunch of personalized things you can put through this thing and also if you didn’t want your radio on you can also put it to the block, and the outside temperature on this particular one and of course the audio controls are right here as far as your system goes. You can also access your cellphone if somebody calls you by pushing this phone button on the dash it has an open area storage here it also has a very large glove box down below so lots of storage in this unit Once again this is a 2017 Ram 1500 Express. The new package for this year in red pearl. This is unit number T0339. You can give a call or arrange for a test drive at 1 (877) 625 4555 or locally (403) 625 4555 Come and see this beautiful 2017 Ram 1500 Express.

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